1. TheDrifter

    Need help replacing YEP_ItemSynthesis status window with the regular one from YEP_ItemCore

    Hi, I'm using both of Yanfly's Item Core and Item Synthesis plugins. I just want to replace the status window here in red with the status window here in yellow. Any way I can do that? --- I'm not good with JS at all, but here's what I tried doing so far: In the Item Synthesis plugin, I...
  2. Uzuki

    [Yanfly Item Synthesis] How to make multiple items with just one item?

    Hey gang, I'm using Yanfly's Item Synthesis plugin and it's worling fine. What caught my interest was this line in the help section: <Custom Synthesis Effect> var bottle = $dataItems[123]; $gameParty.gainItem(bottle, 2); </Custom Synthesis Effect> For this notetag, the 'item' variable will...
  3. Is it possible to only buy an item once from a shop?

    Let me explain. In my game, you are able to synthesize items. To do so, you need to buy recipe books. But it seems a bit silly to be able to buy the same exact recipe book twice when you don't need to. So is it possible to make it so you can buy a certain recipe book only once, before the...
  4. YEP Item Synthesis Problem

    I've encountered the following problem and thought it would be worth a share: The Item Synthesis Plugin works fine, but in the synthesis ingredient notetag, only items are registered. any armor and weapon ingredient is completely ignored. it also doesn't matter, whether you get them via name or...
  5. IkutsukiYuri

    How to make synthesis and fishing like in the Atelier games?

    ...Hello once again Yes I think I'm actually just making an unofficial Atelier game Anyways... How do you make synthesization? And also fishing? Thanks for reading! And I hope that any one of you'll be able to enlighten me on the techniques ;w;
  6. I want to show Item Description in Szyu's Crafting System.

    Okay. I started with Szyu's crafting system, which works perfectly, except for 2 problems: the Play sound effect function is not working, I don't know why; I haven't messed with the sound effects at all and it should be calling from the original directory. But oh well. The main problem I'm...
  7. LightDiviner

    Power Core System

    Thanks to multiple Yanfly plugins, I have made a system of advancement for weapons in my game that I have called, "The Power Core System." I'm sure something similar has already been done but I wouldn't know about it, so I still kinda came up with it on my own. XD Anyway, let's get into the...
  8. Treydon

    Yanfly's Item Synthesis Help

    Hello everyone! First off this is my first post here so I'd like to thank all the coders that do amazing work providing us with all the tools we need to make these games we love! Now my question/problem is: I'm trying to make a character that is an alchemist. I have made a skill that will call...
  9. IssaMeMino

    Potion Crafting in a Cauldron (Yanfly Synthesis)

    Hello! I'm fairly new to RPG Maker MV and I've been testing out a great deal of the Yanfly plugins. I'm making a game that isn't extremely battle-heavy. You play a young wizard that crafts potions and wands in the middle of a corrupt forest. I love the Yanfly Synthesis plugin, but I didn't want...
  10. SapphKnight88

    Splitting Yanfly's Synthesis plugin

    Short version is that I'm trying to make it so you'd have to go talk to an NPC to have them synthesize weapons and armor while you're still able to synthesize items. Anyone know if there's a simple way to do it, or would it be a long process of plopping down every single little thing that you...
  11. Item Synth not finding Weapons/Armor?

    Hey folks, new here and signed up as I needed some help.  Wondering if anyone else had found that since the last update to MV, Item Synthesis no longer finds weapons/armor? I've tried starting a new project, updating the scripts, and only using the necessary scripts but I cant seem to get it...
  12. Claydo

    XP Item Synthesis Shop (KH & FFIX)

    I'm looking for a script that allows the player to create items from other items similar to the synthesis shop in Kingdom Hearts. I have provided an image from Kingdom Hearts and a mock-up of what I'm looking for below. This shop takes items from your inventory to make a new item along with a...
  13. Saneterre

    YEP Item synthesis modification

    Hello everyone, I'm having a little problem with Yanfly's item synthesis plugin : I think that when you're about to forge items, in particular weapons and armours, we should see which character will be able to equip the forged item and how it will modify the stats. My test players find it...
  14. Kevin Eontrainer

    Venka Crafting Script expansion - 'Obtain' a Recipe

    Hello everyone.. So, I've been using Venka's crafting script lately and it has been working nicely. I also noticed the feature where you can learn how to synthesis/craft something via recipes from shop by putting a notetag on an item. But I wanted the recipes to be given to the player...
  15. Dragon Quest Monster Plugin

    Hello. I'm coming today to send with the world a new plugin. As the title says, this plugin has as goal to reproduce the complex system of Dragon quest Monster series. It allows many things like : - The addition to usable skills of two new skills : Tension and Recruit. The first allows...
  16. Yanfly Item Synthesis

    I am attempting to use the Item Synthesis plugin. I also have the Item core plugin as directed. I am unable to get it to work and I'm not sure where the issue lies. Would someone be able to tell me the step by step instructions from installing the plugins to making a working product? I know...
  17. Vis_Mage

    Alchemic Synthesis ~GO GO TOTORI!~ Tweak

    Howdy! :D   I'm looking for a bit of help with Kread-EX's Alchemic Synthesis ~GO GO TOTORI!~  script.  https://grimoirecast...s-go-go-totori/   Typically, how the script works is that you label an item with the notetag <synth_family: x>.From there, if you attempt to craft an item, you...
  18. Servidion

    (Yanfly) Having an issue with Synthesis. So I've been trying to set up Synthesis and I'm having an issue with anything other than "items" in the synthesis ingredients. I'll give examples: Ascalon <Synthesis Ingredients> item 2 </Synthesis Ingredients> This weapon...
  19. Syndicate

    RPG Maker MV: Mining, Smelting & Synthesis

    MINING, SMELTING & SYNTHESIS OF ITEMS Would you like to roam around and mine nodes around your world? Perhaps then you'd like to smelt that ore into bars, and then create some legendary weapons and items? This is a method in which you can do all of the above! No plugin or javascript needed...
  20. bwr1123

    Monster Synthesis System

    So I've asked around a bit, and I'm still in need of assistance. This is a bit of a task, but if it can happen, I would be incredibly grateful. For my game, rather than the persistent (and somewhat annoying) random encounter system, I want to create a system where the player can not only bring...

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