system design

  1. athanasynt

    Beastie Bay-like Travelling System

    There's this mobile game called Beastie Bay that I really like, and one thing I love about it is the explore system (I don't know how to explain it so I'll attach a pic)...
  2. Monster Hatching System/Monster Allies

    Hey everyone. I've recently started to plan a project in RPG Maker MV based upon my experiences with an old PS1 game that I recently took to playing. It really resonates with me so I decided to make my own, upgraded, experience in the same vein as it. I am however currently stuck on trying to...
  3. NinjaKittyProductions

    RMMV Looking for feedback on battle system ideas...

    I had previously posted this in Game Mechanics but have been told it belongs here. So I am restarting the discussion here with a link back to the original post. The original post can be found here...
  4. Looking for tactical system

    Hi, I am looking to add a bit of tactical thinking to my game, so here is what i am looking for: Resource type: Tactical formation system. Maker format: RPG maker MV Art style: - Description: I am looking for a system that can be used to create formations. I am looking for a basic one that has...
  5. Nantas

    Gameplay question : equipment

    Hello everyone ! I have a question about my game, High Chivalry. It's more about gameplay, but I know that gameplay must serve the story and the purpose of the game. And my game's purpose is all about an epic story, exploration and monsters hunting. Since the beginning of my work, I haven't...
  6. Titanhex

    [THex] Game Design Workshop: Part 3 - System Design Pt1

    Hey there game designers. This is another tutorial on Game Design and how to structure our game in a way that we can get real feedback on our ideas. This time I take you into the world of Scripting by showing you Systems Design. It's heavily related to scripting, but does not necessarily...

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