1. Kuro DCupu

    About Game Window

    Please, take a look at this first... Red circle. In game it always turn transparent even though the graphic source it's opaque. Transparent just like this. Question is, how to make it opaque? It's no longer problem though...
  2. noelburgundy27

    How Do You Make A Signature?

    Hi, I just want to ask how you people all get your fancy signatures full of helpful links. It would help with my SEO and stuff. Do you have to meet a requirement of sorts?  
  3. Keniisu

    Sneaking System with Various Features/Add-Ons

    Hi! I am wondering if anyone would be interested in a system sorta of like this. (It will be in my game called "Octanis: The Legendary Thief").   It will be a Sneaking System with view distance and a couple of other things. The system is based on how quickly you can sway from danger and keep...
  4. Keniisu

    Smithing System

    Smithing System v1.0.0 Zarby and XenonCreations Introduction This script allows the player to smith weapons with a custom timing system. You can view weapon stats and descriptions as well. Terms of Use For free games you can include this script WITH CREDIT. For commercial games please contact...
  5. [ACE] Causing in-battle text from a process in the script editor?

    I have a process where HP damage can be split from the a victim to an ally using a spell, allowing for survivability. I want to relay the text " absorbed [value] points of damage!" So it would be "#{mem_name} absorbed #{split_val} points of damage!" (example: "Natalie absorbed 100 points of...
  6. mephistox

    [RGSS3] Meph's Mouse Selectable Windows

    Meph's Mouse System - Plug-in Selectable Windows MephistoX Introduction Intented to be a plugin of my Mouse system, now as a Stand-Alone, this script allow you to use the mouse to control the windows. Work with horizontal and Vertical Selectable types of window and also with the arrows for...
  7. Pink Peach

    Evented Weather System [VXACE]

    Hey, So I have been using Celianna's Farm tiles time system and I could not find a way to make the weather react to the season's. So I was wondering if there is a way to make an evented weather system that makes the weather change depending of the season and I was also wondering if it is...
  8. [ACE] Help with my lethality system

    I'm not really sure how to do this. You can't access the action id of the current action in Game_Battler (where the final calculated damage is dealt) so I tried to do this in Game_Action. The idea is simple: Some skills are non-lethal or have a chance to not be. For example, let's say that you...
  9. Harvest Moon Style Event Based Time System Tutorial

          This is a tutorial for people who want a easy and flexible non-scripted time system based off of “Harvest Moon” for the Super Nintendo. The purpose of this tutorial is to teach you how to make your own time based system using events, resources and my custom eventing methods. Resources and...
  10. Milena

    Traits System

    I have this idea of a system from a game however I do not know how to make it, so I would like scripters to probably take a shot on making it. I call it the trait system. This is a system where each of your characters can have their individual traits. The traits can be added depending on how...
  11. somenick

    Is it a bad idea to use RPG Maker VX Ace default combat system?

    Is it a bad idea to use RPG Maker VX Ace's default combat system? OK, I have been tweaking it a bit. Even added some script that still preserves the "first person" type of combat but with jazzed up effects and character faces.
  12. Kazuki

    Custom Battle System Request

    The main party will consist of 3 characters. The main objective of the battle system is to input different elements and item components together to create your attack or item. I also need to hide the commands, the command window and the status window. The main three elements being fire, water...
  13. Kazuki

    How to write a custom battle system

    I was wondering if any would know how to help me get started on my game's battle system. The main party will consist of 3 characters. The main objective of the battle system is to combine different elements together to create your attack. The main three elements being fire, water, and earth...
  14. ♥SOURCE♥

    The Lost Art of the Windowskin. (FREE Windowskins!)

    1 - Elegant: 2 - Old & Rusty: 3 - Effectus: 4 - RetroBits: 5 - Crystals: 6 - Invenio: Topic will be periodically updated with new Windowskins. Any particular style you would like to see? Let us know!
  15. Magic & System Discussion

    Hi, I'm Cybrim. I would like to discuss the importance of magic in your game worlds. Remember that in every world magic is NEVER a "Fix-All" in fact it causes many problems. Edit- I'm giving a brief description of things and events, not trying to make them the focus. I'm examining them and...
  16. FenixFyreX


    FyxReset FenixFyreX Introduction This script allows the user to define a key combination that will trigger a complete and full reset of the game. RGSSReset, the exception normally thrown when F12 is pressed, will not be used; instead, we create an entirely new, detatched process via Win32API and...
  17. Wirtle

    Tall character sprites and epic battle system

    Hi there everyone, I haven't been on the forums in quite a while and have been away from RPG Maker VX Ace even longer. I have recently gotten back into it and am kind of stuck. I really want to make a some-what realistic game with tall character sprites that have motion when they move and a...

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