1. Official Lost Souls

    Unlockable Chapter System

    Hello fellow RPG makers! So, for my game, I'd like a script that makes a chapter system like in the image below: Basically where after pressing "Start", they're taken to a chapter select screen where they have to unlock chapters by playing the previous chapter(s) in the story. It's kind of...
  2. Official Lost Souls

    Is there a way to implement a Chapter System?

    Hi fellow RPG makers. I have a question. Is it possible to create a chapter system as well as a chapter select screen on the homepage? For example, I want mine to be similar to the one in Corpse Party
  3. Seacliff

    Battle System Idea: Thought Provoking or Just Annoying?

    So I just want to talk about this battle system Idea that came to my head, and what are your guy's take on it. Of course, if it just happens to be some other game's system, please let me know. Alright, there are 4 party members. Before each turn, 5 cards will be randomly chosen and be shown to...
  4. DoubleRaineBow

    Chase System Help

    Having troubles with a chase system I have for my game. As far as I know, I have the monster appearing randomly whenever the player enters a room and chasing the player down by using conditional branches, variables, and common events. What I don't have down is getting the monster to go through...
  5. Holy87

    Save games in My Documents folder

    Savegames in Documents folder v1.0, by Holy87 Features This script changes the savegames path from the project folder to C:\Users\[user]\Documents (or anywere is the Documents folder)\[Game Title]\Saves. Instructions Place this script under Materials and before the Main. Requires also my...
  6. Mahoken

    How do you make an RPG game with a top down fighting system?

    How could I make an RPG game that uses a top-down system for fighting? I want to see if I could make a fighting system that isn't turn based, and more like... the first Legend of Zelda style-fighting. That's where you can walk around, see enemy sprites, and they can attack you from there without...
  7. Charge Battle System?

    Is there a script that make your guy have to wait to attack and while waiting they can attack?
  8. Sir levée

    Help with window skins

    I've been editing the graphics I know what the gradient does and the borders and arrows and the bottom left part that's transparent. What does the colour things and small white transparent square do??
  9. Forcing entry into a vehicle - Help!

    Greetings! I'm trying to make a swimming system and a flight one. The point is that the swim is almost exactly equal to the Vehicle boat (not ship), with the difference that it is not necessary to interact with the boat on the map, but just touch the Tile of water (I choose Tag == 2). But the...
  10. Misty

    Yanfly Message System Help

    Hello everyone, I am having a issue with Yanfly Message system. Script I know this is for ace, but I have no idea what "Variable Operation" is. I know there are control variables in ace, but I have never seen "variable operation." Also is there any scripts required to make this script work...
  11. _Shadow_

    Variable or swithces? Best practice advice focused on performance.

    So, let's assume I wanna make a system that will decide something, according to some things that occur. Let's say we got 11 Events. There might be 3 things possibly happening to each of them.  What happens to the first, will determine what happens on the second. What happens on both first and...
  12. theonesword

    set map point system

    Hello, I am trying to create a map system where the character moves to certain points on a map (Think Mario RPG, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World) I'm having trouble though getting this to happen. Can somebody please tell me how I can do this? Thanks in advance
  13. Misty

    Weather system with pictures?

    Hello, I know that I can easily use the weather systems events, but I want it to rain cherry blossoms instead of snow. I know it is coded in. Is there any script or can one be made to allow a cherry blossom instead of white snowballs? Otherwise.....I will have to do it all with events frame by...
  14. Script Call: Mixing Turn Based and Action-RPG

    Hello all!          To give a little background: I'm currently working on a sci-fi RPG called "Apparatus," and it's a game that's very character focused and uses Mechs as a primary unit of transport and combat. I've always wanted to make a mech RPG, and now I feel I have the ability to possibly...
  15. Sprite Overlay System Discussion

    Hey guys, I'm Sudtrap. I'm a long time Rpgmaker user, and have an okay amount of ruby scripting experience . (First post :) ) Anyway, I'm interested in coding a sprite overlay system in Rpgmaker XP. A sprite overlay system is one that displays multiple overlapping layers of sprites. This...
  16. BardAaron

    Making Combat "Eventful"

    It's important to state at the start that I am using Vx Ace Lite, so I have lots of limitations on what I can do. I am playing with trying to make a more action-based combat system using events (since I don't have access to scripting.) I have an enemy event with a sprite, set to approach, and...
  17. bwr1123

    Monster Synthesis System

    So I've asked around a bit, and I'm still in need of assistance. This is a bit of a task, but if it can happen, I would be incredibly grateful. For my game, rather than the persistent (and somewhat annoying) random encounter system, I want to create a system where the player can not only bring...
  18. Keniisu

    Pawafuru Engine - Faction System | Updated 4/19/15!

    Please read our Terms of Use on your website! Our Site Link: http://pawafurux.weebly.com/     Poll Details: Faction Abilities: Adds the option to allow certain things to occur after a rank has been reached. For example, if you reach  True Ally rank of a faction then you can recruit a member...

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