1. lunarrosecrow

    Game Questions

    Umm, I didn't know where to post this (as in category) so I'll place it here if I'm wrong moderators, please forgive me and change it so I'm not in the wrong thank you. Now on to the questions, I am currently developing 2 games at the moment and was wondering if anyone could help with just some...
  2. LxCharon

    The Fine Art of Instant Gratification

    I was looking for opinions on instant vs delayed gratification when it comes to rewarding players.  While making the systems for my game I realized that I was relying very heavily on delayed rather than instant rewards. Such as much of my game takes place in a hogwarts-esque school for magic...
  3. Veerdin

    Please help me make a combat system...

    Alright, so I've been pulling my hair out for the last few days here trying to get this idea of mine to work. But I keep running up against the fundamental problem that I have no damn clue how to work with the tools I'm using and I'm having a lot of trouble piecing together what I'm doing, even...
  4. Make a Dynamic Inn

    Today we will go over making a dynamic inn for your player’s party to rest in. The cost can be changed dynamically with variables and the inn is easily extendable. For this you will need one Common Event, 2 Variables, and an Event for the Innkeeper. First we will want to make a loop, this...

    tankentai battle system vx ace error

    Hi guys i been using the tankentai battle system for a while its been working grand but recently i been getting an error 1519  return $data_animations[anime_id].frame_max * 4 it happens when i try use skills can anyone help  i have tried many things but it still seems to not working, im using...

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