1. Alastor01

    Alastor01 Rendered RTP-like Tiles

    Hello! The following are some of the resources I am making for my game. These have been created from scratch by a combination of drawing, modeling, rendering and editing. I am using GIMP, BIMP, and Blender. These tiles are meant to mimic RTP ones. (I have older pixel-art-like / GIMP edits...
  2. hummingbirdfeeder

    I need info for a game

    Hello my name is Hummingbirdfeeder, I'm currently designing a new game with a name I shall not say in this forum. But, for me to complete it I need help with a few things and if you could help that would be VERY VERY HELPFUL!  The problems go in this order... 1. I need a gramophone that has a...
  3. Mr. Trivel

    Enemy AI - Checks & Tables

    What does it do? Instead of using Attack Patterns in database which don’t allow for much customization. All enemy patterns will be written in module allowing more complex and varying interactions in the battle.   How the AI works: AI goes through every Check in order, checking conditions for...
  4. Sideways Furniture anywhere?

    need I say more? I've been looking around but I can't find a whole lot of it, if any at all~ I need beds, chairs, tables, basically any furniture that can have a side view, to have a side view. My biggest concern is beds, chairs, and tables, but drawers/closets, fireplaces, ladders, kitchen...

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