1. Michael Dionne

    YEP_CoreEngine_PlatformPreparator (a mod to support 70+ devices/platforms!!)

    MODERATOR MESSAGE: This plugin no longer follow Yanfly's terms of use. If you do own the plugin and got it before Yanfly changed his license (before October 27th 2019), you can still use it but please refrain from sharing this plugin. Thank you. YEP_CoreEngine_PlatformPreparator 1.0 MICHAEL...
  2. Evan Finkel

    Any good tablets expect Wacom?

    So there's any tablets expect Wacom? Because it's too expensive for me right now.
  3. Levi

    Levi's Art Progress Tracker

    Hey folks! This thread is for me to post my work [Drawings, Painting, Music] and to [hopefully] receive feedback! Soldier Music Soldier #2 Doodle Page BudCrab Love birds Fair Warning Arabian Graveyard PortraitDance [for Daily Sketch thread] Fighterpillars Sad/introspective pirate. "Garrg...

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Feedback would be appreciated. To me it feels like the Dad does look a bit too normal and boring.
I think he's missing some features that make him more unique. Opinions?
recovering from surgery that covid caused me to have, im back trying to work on the newer engine on my game. We will see how this goes. I have no idea what to do about conversions
The wings got worse than I expected ... but for now it looks like this:
Doing RPG Maker News #16 | Orchestral Tileset, Don Miguel Interview, Visual Choices, Retro Console Icons
I realized I kinda have a habit of making threads and sometimes not thinking them through. I should work on this.

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