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  1. TsukiAkari_Otome

    Better ideas for my "One Map Challenge" game convoluted gameplay

    Ok, so this will be a little weird. Also, sorry my notes are in Spanish (I'll translate), I don't have much time this morning. So, I can't avoid making things harder than they should be. As a result, the gameplay concept for my game (for the One Map Game Challenge) it's getting complex as the...
  2. Skijarama

    TRADE Final Fantasy: Chronicles of Eno (Fan game based off of a Tabletop RPG Campaign)

    Engine: RPG Maker MV Synopsis: Final Fantasy: Chronicles of Eno is a JRPG directly inspired by the classic Final Fantasy franchise by Square Enix. However, where other games in this vein are made as direct homages, often replicating story structure, graphics, and gameplay, this project aims to...
  3. Pine Towers

    Design Paralysis: How to Overcome?

    For my non-commercial project with RPG Maker, I know what I want: To recreate the great adventurers I had in my childhood tabletop RPG group. I have these adventures, translated the script and the maps, but then... ... the combat system. Since that old days, three more versions of the rules...

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Continuing our countdown with Capsule Monster #14 Plug-Go! Plug-Go was originally meant to be the design of a gameboy game I wanted to make that was inspired by Megaman Battle Network! While that hasn’t worked out I’m happy I was able to recycle his design!


Took some time to pretty up the maps too.
Size Comparison.gif
12 hour little challenge for myself to do a big'ish enemy. Released for MV/MZ, working on my streamline one for later as I love the four frames over three. Spins a whole lot better I think.
Okay last one for now, it's time to go treat myself to some Zelda!

UPDATED- I've completely ripped off Sword of Mana right here lol
It seems like the imgur images are working again! ;3

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