tactical battle system

  1. TheLastYuriSamurai

    RMMV Sapphic Tactics! (Tactical RPG meets LGBT romance!)

  2. TheLastYuriSamurai

    RMMV Capsule Monsters-Tactics; Fire Emblem Meets Pokemon [Demo Up!]

  3. Laganrok

    FREE REQUEST Project FuseMonsters team recruitment

    Engine: RPG Maker VX ACE About the project: Is a pokemon/digimon/dq monsters like game with the possibility of fusion your monsters with a tactical battle system. I have done the monster, battle and fusion system but it still needs to be improved. The problems: I was doing it by myself but...
  4. Manthra

    A better (animated??) TBS??

    Hola So, I know there are a few Tactical Battle System for RMXP (is it how they're called? turn based battle on map, with movement, skills etc.) But everything I find feels kind of empty. I guess what I'm looking for is a TBS that supports "projectiles" on the battle map (such as arrows for an...
  5. RMMZ Any Tac Rpg plugins for mz?

    Hello does anyone know where i can find a tactical rpg plugin for rpg maker mz not mv
  6. any good tac rpg plugins

    does anyone know a tac rpg plugin that 1 works 2 is actually good and 3 isnt https://github.com/belmoussaoui/Tactics-System since i cant get it to work and have no one able to help me
  7. i get the message was defeated when using this plugin

    https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/tactics-system-1-2-1-tactical-battle-system.117600/ hey so i tried using this tac rpg plugin and it seems to work but whenever a battle starts it immediatly just ends and says was defeated even though i didnt die
  8. NoPiessadface

    RMMV Touhou Emblem: Genealogy of Youkai War (DEMO)

    What the hell is this? a short rpg maker game mix of touhou project and fire emblem genealogy of holy war. Screenshots: Characters Reimu She's the key of the war and she mustn't die. This was her first time participating in a war, because of her anxiety she might do some stupid mistakes and...
  9. RMMV ___________Devil's Dungeon - The hardest action, strategy RPG you will ever play!___________

    Devil's Dungeon SYNOPSIS Devil’s Dungeon is an action - strategy game made with one singular objective: Gameplay. In this game, you create your own original character, choose from the 21 different classes, 126 weapon arts and 84 spells to create your own, unique battle style. Instead of...
  10. Adam1013

    RMMV Final Fantasy XI Braver v1.3

    THIS IS A NON-COMMERCIAL FAN GAME Version 1.3 *Contains 30 - 50+ hours of gameplay* Feedback and bug reports are appreciated and I hope you enjoy the project! Download Link **Updated as of 7/10/21 Braver Download **Join Discord for updates & assistance https://discord.gg/mMZRkbPxzj...
  11. Singingbun

    Which RM engine is better suited for Tactical battle system rpgs?

    Hi, terribly new here. I'll go straight to the point: I wanted to know which engine is better suited for tactical battle systems like fire emblem, Xcom or advance wars-esque. I have MV and VXA, but I'm seeing MZ plugins being made for said feature. At the moment, I'm still new to game making...
  12. arleq1n

    RMMV Faith Romance 0.1

    Faith Romance | 0.1 by arleq1n The Itch.io Page Synopsis Faith Romance is a tactical role-playing game written with RPG Maker MV. The project consists in writing 5 chapters minimum. All the scripts used are handmade in the will to learn how to write a game. The core of the game is a tactical...
  13. Yanntastisch

    Are there any Tactical Battle Script for VX Ace (besides Ra's and Gubid's)?

    (Edited the threat name) Hey. I was just curious if there are any script for VX Ace that give it a tactical battle system that has easy configuration. I could only find Ra TBS, but that one was like nearly impossible to download and when I had it the scripts were way too complicated and had like...
  14. arleq1n

    Tactics System 1.2.1 (Tactical Battle System)

    Tactics System | 1.2.1 by arleq1n 1.2.1 message Download Link Introduction The Tactics System is a tactical battle system for RPG Maker MV. It contains the basic features to build a tactical rpg. Easy to use: Tactics System has been designed to be easy to use. Just create a map with...
  15. Tactical Battle System

    I have recently started developing a new game and I have seen multiple TBSs online. I'm just wondering which to use as I'm not sure what TBSs are up to date and compatible with RPG maker MV.
  16. captainette777

    SV actors on the overworld Map?

    Hey all, need some help if possible for a weird idea I have. I mentioned before that I'm making a tactics game, where you'd fight on the overworld rather than a typical RPG battle scene. I wondered if it would be more interesting if instead of using the plain overworld sprites on the map during...
  17. captainette777

    Using Yanfly's Region Editing plugin to poison a specific character.

    I'm having some serious issues with it. I want to make a tactics-type game where you move individual units around the field and fight. I'm trying to implement a function where you can get poisoned by stepping on certain terrain, and I would use regions to help with that. I bound Region 1 with a...
  18. onipunk

    RMMV Eat the King! - An Undead Strategy RPG

    Well, I never thought the first game I'd release would be a jam game, but here we are! Eat the King is a lighthearted, bitesized turn-based tactical RPG that dares to ask the question "What if Fire Emblem, but zombies?" Control the recently-risen Steve as he seeks to consume the brains of the...
  19. arleq1n

    Tactics System

    Tactics System | last by arleq1n new forum thread: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/tactics-system-1-0.117600/ Download Link Introduction The Tactics System is a tactical battle system for RPG Maker MV inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics and the Fire Emblem series. The system...
  20. TBS - advice needed

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a stable and free for commercial use Tactical Battle System for RPG Maker VX Ace. I found Lecode TBS and Gubid TBS. Both of them quite powerful, but Lecode only for RPG Maker MV, as I understand. Do you know other TBS plugins? Which of those would you recommend...

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