1. RyanBram

    SRPG Gear MZ - Plugins for creating Tactical Battle System

    Authors : Ohisama Craft (おひさまクラフト), SRPG Team Hi, Everyone. At the end of this happy year, I would like to announce the arrival of the Tactical Battle System plugin for RPG Maker MZ called SRPG Gear MZ. By using the SRPG Engine MV as a base, SRPG Gear MZ has the same goodness with...
  2. Zephydra

    RMMV Obsidian Catalyst - SF Style Tactics RPG [Demo Available]

  3. Oro

    FREE REQUEST [RMVXA] Shadow Rogue (Stealth Game) - Composer Needed

    Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace. Synopsis: Shadow Rogue is a 2D stealth game that uses light and shadow sneaking mechanics. It has a character creation system where you can create your own character, select their gender and physical traits, and then proceed with theft or assassination missions to...
  4. Raizen

    RMMV Kamigami: Clash of the Gods

    Team: Author: Raizen (Mauricio Pastana) Designer: Geraldo de Rívia Music: Zaggo Artist: Kiba Additional Information: Engine: RPG Maker MV Progress: 100% Resolution: Full HD (1920 x 1080) Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android/iOS(Reduced Resolution) Languages: English, Portuguese, Japanese (likely)...
  5. empresskiova

    RMVXA Post World: Revenge

    Post World: Revenge GAME STYLE: A mixture of RPG and Tactical set in a Post Apocolyptic cityscape. Partially due to the nature of Post-Apoc settings, this game is not intended for younger audiences. Violence, smoking, drinking, and cursing will be part of the gameplay. References to sexual...
  6. RyanBram

    SRPG Engine MV - Plugins for creating Tactical Battle System

    Introducing credits : Gakuto Mikagami, Doctor_Q https://github.com/Echizen-ham/SRPGcore https://github.com/RyanBram/SRPGcore Hi, everyone. Do you like Turn Based Strategy RPG games? If so, then I'm also like it so much just like you. Therefore, on this occasion, let me introduce a...
  7. Sunder

    RMMV Eternal

    Would you like to be dominated ? download link (No, it's not a BDSM game ;)) 1. Synopsis The world of Obara is beautiful but dangerous. It has been for millennia. People only knew dangerous beasts, hunger and war until Charles, the King of Syde united eight kingdoms together. But this...
  8. Artomes

    RMMV Lyfis Chronicles - Looking for players!

    Lyfis Chronicles Lyfis Chronicles is a Tactical RPG made in RMMV. Inspired by games like XCOM, Darkest Dungeon, and Divinity Origin Sin. As a gamer, I have always enjoyed DEEP RPG mechanics and the power of player choice! I am actively looking for play-testers! If you like strategy RPG's...
  9. Adventurer_inc.

    RMMV MaB: Shadow World (IGMC 2018)

    After six months of swing a wrench at Lecode's TBS, I had finally decided to reveal some sort of progress by creating a game in a month. This game is closer to a boss rush than anything else. MaB: Shadow World is a short Tactical 2D RPG inspired by classic JRPG and TBS games such as Final...
  10. Lecode

    Lecode Tactical Battle System 0.77.2B

    Lecode Tactical Battle System (LeTBS) Version 0.77.2 Introduction This TBS is shaped to be more like Wakfu and Dofus battle system than any other one. LeTBS has nice features and that's probably for now the best TBS RPG Maker has ever knew. More features are coming and I hope to...
  11. Ixfuru

    RMVX NetherQuest (version 0.84)

    By: Ixfuru Current Version: 0.84 Last Update: 11/17/2019 Original Post: 11/25/2016 Start of Creation: 2000 (TableTop), 2012 (Coded) Current PlayTime: 15-100 hours VIDEO PREVIEW OF THE LATEST VERSION GAME SYNOPSIS WORLD CHARACTERS SCREENSHOTS Version 0.84...
  12. Gubid's Tactical Battle System: Help Needed with Bugs

    I have been using Gubid's Tactical Battle System for RPG Maker XP and found a few scripting errors with it that I have been hoping to have some help with. I am not sure if this is the proper subforum to post about it here. I already tried posting about it on the official GTBS forums but I did...
  13. TBS

    Hello everyone, I'm designing a custom tactical battle system and i would like to know which is the best way to implement movement. I'm actuaclly using battle order and agility determines which batller is currently acting. The movement is based on an action point (AP) system. For the moment...
  14. Lecode

    [RELEASED] LeTBS 0.4

    Lecode's Tactical Battle System 0.4 Released. Introduction I'm working on a TBS for MV since a few weeks. This TBS is more closer from Ankama's Dofus/Wakfu TBS then FFs (that I didn't play). If you're interested, don't hesitate to report bugs and give suggestions. But make...
  15. ICF-Soft

    ICF-Soft Element Core

    ICF-Soft Element Core - Version 1.00 by ICF-Soft Introduction It uses a new formula to calc element damage and a new tactical formula. Note: This is an initial working version. To get latest version with all it's functionalities go to blog post or my plugin list. Features Added...
  16. Pathfinder/Final Fantasy Tactics Combat

    Simple question: Does a Pathfinder combat system currently exist? I have no doubt someone will make it sooner or later if not, due to the huge variability RPG Maker MV has with its coding language now. To elaborate: Pathfinder utilizes a 3D "grid" for their combat system, with characters...
  17. SwiftIllusion

    [Demo A] Quest for Conquest: Prologue (working title)

    ~  Quest for Conquest: Prologue  ~ - Game Synopsis - Gifted with a power labeled 'Magic' through unfortunate events, Aelin asks Katos to join her once again as they prepare for the day to reclaim a stable future. This demo ended up being closer to a side character skit than an intro...
  18. Requests for a Tactical Turn Based Battle System (Example: Fire Emblem, FF Tactics, Shining Force)

    Hello!  I'm really hoping for a tactical turn based battle system plugin. The idea behind this is actually tabletop rpgs like Pathfinder and D&D, where moving around and positioning on the battlefield and using non combat actions is still a significant part of the fight, and there are several...
  19. Josephkhland

    Side - Tactical Battle System

    How I want it to work :  The battle initiates, just like the default system a background comes in and the battle windows as usual. However there are now 7 "seats" - spots on the battle scene.  Positioned like this : @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @                                                 @ @    ...
  20. heroscratch

    Star Dogs: ****Demo Now Available!****

      Genre: Dark Comedy/Drama-Action RPG   ***DEMO Download***   Rtp Included: http://www.mediafire.com/download/cv8sdgx74p36s2w/Star_Dogs_RTP.rar RTP Not Included on files below.   The below difficulties relate to the time allowed to act during battles. Easy Mode also comes with some starting...

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