1. AksawShin

    RMVX Reimus Awesome Holiday

    Reimus Awesome Holiday This Game is a Touhou Project Fangame. -!Warning!- This Game contains lots of swear words -!Warning!- Its Reimus Day off. But her day is ruined by an unknown force in Gensokyo! Play as Reimu to find out what this mysterious group is about and uncover their secret! Story...
  2. RMMV How to do a Tactics style battle system? Plugins?

    I have had RPG maker on my steam library for the better part of a decade. I used to be very into it until an unfortunate crash on my laptop back in 2011 or 2012. Had to factory reset the computer and lost my project. This was before cloud storage was as big as it is now so I did not have it...
  3. hadecynn

    RMMZ DUÆLITY - A Tactical CCG x RPG Hybrid

    === DOWNLOAD HERE === From the creator of: Monstruct! (2017 IGMC 5th Place) Abyss of Oblivion (2018 IGMC 5th Place) The Dreamchaser (2020 RPG Maker MZ "You got It, Now Use It" Jam 1st & 2nd Place) === An entry for the Build Your Own Game Jam (The 6th Annual DG GJ) === Diamond...
  4. orcomarcio

    Clouds of Rain

    The Story Screenshots Steam Page (14$) Launch Trailer
  5. DragonDancer

    Help! - Trying to transfer character based on variables!

    I'm using arleq1n's Tactics System, and working on random encounters. I have it so that the map is covered with events that have a 1 in 10 chance of transporting the player to a battle map. After the battle, I want the player to be transferred back to the place on the map that the event was...
  6. Mooshry

    Yanfly Actor Battle AI Tactics?

    So uim using the battle AI plugin from Yanfly, and i wanna use it to make the tactics system from DQ. Basically, i need a new menu button that opens a screen that lets you choose from a list of AI tactics, and when one is selected, it changes the actor's AI and makes them auto-battle...
  7. Gabbypie64

    GTBS + parallax

    I need a Parallax mod that works with my combat script https://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/utility-scripts/parallax-lock/ is the one am using but any will due
  8. rrrllll

    RMMV Tactics Game - THE DRONES , fire emblem and FFT style battles

    Hello everyone. So this is the first game DEMO I have made with rpg maker -- The Drones. Update: -Renewed the character sprites, since I think tall sprites look so much better. -Minor change to dialogues. -Will replace the tilesets later on as the project continues. Synopsis: The game is a FF...
  9. FFT style music

    Hello. Looking for a music pack that can be used in a game commercially that sounds similar to the Final fantasy Tactics ost. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!
  10. AmieLK

    RMMV Vita Unlikely

    Check out the Vita Unlikely website! STORYLINE Having been expelled from medical school just one day shy of graduating, Vita Fletcher returns to her hometown defeated, and without a clue what her future looks like. Then the lifeforce responsible for all life in the universe--universes...
  11. Tw0Face

    RM2k/3 ️Fields of Fire

    Fields of Fire is a strategic city building game simulation with war elements focused primarily on managing and properly deploying resources. The game was originally published in German language and has been translated into English. It's best compared to games like Age of Empires or...
  12. Tw0Face

    RMVXA Castle Warfare

    Castle Warfare is game planned to be a turn-based tower defense game which turns out to be a strategically resource management game with 15 different scenarios and a total playtime of approximately ~2 - 2.5 hours. The Vx Ace RTP is not required to play. The game is both playable in English and...
  13. Tonko

    FREE Shaokimi's Oddysey - Recruiting all roles!

    Hello there! Welcome to this recruitment thread. Even if the the objective of this thread is to recruit project members, it also contains information about the general project. It will be an RPG Maker MV Project. You can apply to a role if you want, but in case you don't, you can still support...
  14. Oriceles

    RMMV Oriceles Public Project 1

    After many years on the RPG Maker community, I've finally decided for a project that I can share for public. This game title won't be disclosed to public to prevent future copyright or whatever intellectual property that might arise. I'm working this on my own with something like up to 12 hours...
  15. trexrell

    RMMV Powerverse: Erupt

    Today we want to announce a new project we have been working on since the end of last year. We have been working on a collaborative project with indie comic book creators within the Powerverse to help bring their characters, concepts, and stories to life through a game that we call Erupt...
  16. BluFlameStudio

    RMMV Room 505 (Demo available!)

    Room 505 Warning! +18 This game contains gore (or it will contain, anyway), underage drinking, smoking, so discretion is advised. SECTION A: SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS SECTION B: CHARACTERS SECTION C: STORYLINE/PLOT SECTION D: SETTING AND/OR WORLD DEVELOPMENT DOWNLOAD LINK
  17. SwiftIllusion

    RMMV Colossal Conquest [IGMC 2017]

    "Battle in an evolving boss fight and grow your characters to face the challenge." - - - Gameplay Elements - - - A tutorial boss that gives you an interactive introduction to the core knowledge you will need to succeed in future possible conquests. An overarching Boss 'mindset' that you can...
  18. onipunk

    RMMV Grand Knights Archive - Strategy RPG [Alpha Demo Available]

    Synopsis The Fifth Battalion of the Royal Army of Askr, colloquially known as the Lost Souls, is comprised of orphans, raised to be soldiers from a very young age. They are typically looked down upon by the rest of their compatriots, especially the noble-born Grand Knights of the First...
  19. Jeremiah Eastman

    RMMV Gladatora V. Alpha

    HawkZombie has streamed some of the version of Gladatora and it went pretty well. A good time was had and I came away with some important improvements that needed to be implemented. I have since updated to Version and addressed everything that needed changing from the video, plus...
  20. My first ever, umm, game sort of thing.

    I decided to try my hand at making a video game in order to fuel my new found Lego addiction. Looking up ways to build a game without much technical knowledge I read that RPG maker was pretty easy to use, and it was. I decided to make a dark, depressing post apocalyptic survival game because...

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