1. maliyana

    Using Yanfly's Party Switch as a turn

    Simply put, I want to make it so that when the player switches out a party member for another, that party member would have used up their turn. For example, I swap out Billy for Karen, Karen would have to wait till after the enemy attacks to make a move. The plugin...
  2. Mooshry


    I'm making a game on XP, and i wanna make a world map. For that, i need something like the regions in VX and MV. So, each region is a Terrain Tag, and the enemy IDs are set in the script editor. I would like this done before the end of summer BTW. And, each region would have a different...
  3. mattduleheart

    Changing "Players" Name in NameTag

    Hello everyone, This might be an easy thing to answer and I know I might sound like a noob when I ask this. Is there a way to change the characters name in the Name tag? To add a little context to this, I added the choice to change the main characters name in the game, I have found a way to...
  4. JtheDuelist

    Recreating the "Tag N' Zap" system from Gunvolt in MV?

    I want to recreate the "tag n' zap" system from the Gunvolt series in RMMV, but don't know how to do it- In Gunvolt, GV has two basic "attacks"- a gun that leaves a " tag" on a enemy and an electrical force field. By themselves, they do little damage, but together, they do massive damage and...
  5. AdamSakuru

    Custom Skill List Order

    I'd like a way to be able to edit the order of skills in the skill window that don't use the Skill's database ID (as it does by default.) This is handy for having things ordered just the way you want if the order you want them to list in game isn't the same as how they are listed in the Skill...
  6. Cheah Hsun Teik

    Javascript in rpgmaker mv?

    I thought Javascript must be used inside html's script tag,but why  rpgmaker mv doesn't have a script tag or any tag in the source code?
  7. "Down" Status/Ailment and "All-Out Attack"

    // Ok I'm probably writing this in the wrong section so anyone can send me to the right address if I'm mistaken. This is sure familiar to everyone who played Persona 3 or 4: You hit a enemy with the element it is weak against and it goes "down" status. This status dures just one turn, but if...
  8. Lunawolfcomics

    Zombie Apocalypse (Would you survive?)

    Helloooooo everyone! So just recently I've been playing a lot of Dead Rising 1 and 2 as well as Resident Evil 4, 5, and 6. With this in mind I started thinking to myself (would I survive a zombie apocalypse? I started thinking about where I would want to hide out, what local stores could I...
  9. Random Grass Battles

    So i'm trying to get the terrain tags to let me only battle in grass. I need some help setting it up. 
  10. SumRndmDde

    How to Access "Note" Box?

    Pretty much what I want to do is access the "Note" box that you can write comments or notes that is shown in various tabs of the Database. For example, let's say I have a plugin that changes the color of the text of a Skill/Item/Weapon/Armor based on the color specified in their Note: <Set...
  11. MeowFace

    Terrain Tag/Region Passage Block via Switch

    Made for a request here. There are 2 scripts. 1 for terrain tag, 1 for region. So the users can choose to use either one or both. Features: [1] A way to block paths using Region IDs/Terrain Tags [2] Able to add more than one region/terrain tag for blocking. [3] On/Off controllable by...
  12. dinkledaberry

    [IGMC] Half-Off Hero: The World Needs Savings

      In foregone ruins there stirs an ancient evil. Sealed long ago, by those now referred to as legend, to prevent future pain and suffering by its hand. Years passed. Then decades. Centuries. Millenia. For ages this dark force plotted and watched and waited for the perfect moment to return. For...
  13. MrGameDev

    Is it possible?

    i was wondering if you could make an event dissapear after the event has ended cause my game that i am working on needs that
  14. nihilath

    Change the terrain_tag at runtime

    Is it possible to change the terrain_tag of certain tiles at runtime? I know that "terrain_tag(x, y)" GETs the tag, but I acutally dont want to "read" it, I would like to re-write it.   Reason for that is, I am using Khas Awesome Light Effects. I am changing certain tiles at runtime (secreat...
  15. [ACE] Conditional Comment Tags for Jet Mouse? (Mouse Hover NPC Display Name/Etc Problem)

    The script line for determining whether a comment for the mouse hover display text of an event is def text_box @text_box ||= ( if (a = check_for_comment(/MOUSE[ ]*TEXT[ ]*(.+)/i)) Window_MousePopUp.new(self, a) else false end ) endHowever, I can't have it...
  16. Kes

    Symphony tag for kick skill

    What I want to happen is for the character to approach the target, stop in front of it, and then use the skill pose which is a kick. What actually happens is that the character ends up more or less on top of the target, rather than stop just in front of it. This is what I have for the tag so...
  17. Faye Valentine

    Hidden enemies causing instant victory

    I'll make this quick: Open your RPG Maker Ace, set up a Troop, mark all enemies with "Appear Halfway" (right click on the enemy and check the option), remember, all enemies. Run the battle. Then you see what i'm talking about. For who doesn't want to try: nothing happens, as soon as the battle...
  18. C-C-C-Cashmere (old)

    The Decline of the Support Button

    I used to see support tags in signatures all the time. Where did they go? Did they disappear off the face of the earth? Or is the fact that everyone is less willing and less caring to support other projects than their own? Are support buttons even good things? Discuss here.
  19. lord_steak

    Using Tags - Assigning Enemy Levels?

    Giving Tsukihime's Tag Manager a whirl, and thus far results are highly positive.  Had the thought that *maybe* I could use the tag system to assign enemy levels, since I'm planning to use to the attacker's level as a huge part of damage dealt, and really, really would like to avoid having to...
  20. ShyferLoreweaver

    Darkness Bug

    Hello Everyone! I would like to officially announce my joining of the RPG Maker Community. I hope to not only take advantage of the resources available to me, but I would like to in time also give back to the community through whatever talent I can offer. (Not much. Yet.) To Business! So I am...

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