1. jbtwist

    Element Replacement

    I would like a plugin what does this: When you select to use a damage magic spell, appears a little window that allows you to change the spell from its basic element to another element you choose (Doing that consumes 50% extra mp). Would be nice if it changes the name of the skill too, for...
  2. jezebelthenun

    Jez Speaks!

    Hey everyone! I'd like to officially offer my services in the world of VO/Singer to the amazing RMW community. My background in vocal work extends back pretty far, musically. If you'd like to sample some of my singing work, please head over to this thread. I can sing in any style you need...
  3. Mr. Trivel


    Name: Perks Version: 1.0 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2015-11-28   What does it do? It's a perk system. Actors get perk points on specific levels when leveling up or on every level up. Perk points can be spent in Perks Scene which can be accessed from menu.  ...

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I think I've got my hero designs pretty much finialised ( still got some tweaks. ) In the end it'll be the four outfit colour variants with four different skintones.

I'm a bit conflicted. One the one hand, it's quite visually cool to make bodies of water that the player can interact with by going into it. However obscuring the player character from a gameplay perspective is pretty bad. Hmm... There's the option to make the area around the player visible, but then that kind of defeats the purpose of submerging them. :unsure:
Stream will be live shortly with some Darkest Dungeon! Feel free to drop by!
Another two plugins done! One being an on map grid inventory.
busy with my newborn child, can't even touch pc at all ;_;

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