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  1. thalesgal

    Tale's Casino Escape FREE TO PLAY (STEAM) (PLAY STORE)

    TALE'S CASINO ESCAPE DOWNLOAD NOW for free: Play Store Steam SYNOPSIS: Tale's Casino Escape is a real time combat adventure RPG. All the qualities of a good RPG have been combined and applied at Tale's Casino Escape. Come play and feel the adrenaline in your veins! Here are some of...
  2. thalesgal

    I need help: Players, store page, price, game, trailer...

    Hello! So I finally managed to finish my game yeeey!! It was not easy to create something from scratch, so after a lot of work (A LOT XD) I could manage to finish my game \o/ The feeling after create a entire game was very pleasant ^^ Then, after finishing it, I was able to publish it on...

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I feel like banging my head against a wall every time I want to find that post that shows all the plugin header codes. Then I think "next time I find it, I'm going to bookmark it". Then I think "wait a minute ... maybe I bookmarked it last time because it took me so long to find it". Check bookmarks, and there it is :)
... a few of my main characters standing around doing nothing lol. I mostly wanted to see them together on screen.
Today I drove through my city of 100,000+ people during rush hour and the streets were nearly empty. Just so I could go get my favorite burger. There a dental assistant (she said that's her other job, even though I didn't ask) took my order and handed me a burger. I know it's bad out there... But wow, she's either atrocious with her money, or "it really be like that".

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