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    Tale's Casino Escape FREE TO PLAY (STEAM) (PLAY STORE)

    TALE'S CASINO ESCAPE DOWNLOAD NOW for free: Play Store Steam SYNOPSIS: Tale's Casino Escape is a real time combat adventure RPG. All the qualities of a good RPG have been combined and applied at Tale's Casino Escape. Come play and feel the adrenaline in your veins! Here are some of...
  2. thalesgal

    I need help: Players, store page, price, game, trailer...

    Hello! So I finally managed to finish my game yeeey!! It was not easy to create something from scratch, so after a lot of work (A LOT XD) I could manage to finish my game \o/ The feeling after create a entire game was very pleasant ^^ Then, after finishing it, I was able to publish it on...

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The presentation pictures for FSM Castle Tiles are really bad, there is so much more content in this DLC than they show. Great DLC.^^
Anyone know/remember Mummy's Tomb / Crystals of Zong for C64? Trying to recreate it for One Map Challenge. Fun. And ... er ... challenging!

Listen.. I er... caught the live stream. :LZSwink:
The MZ first look stream was quite good. Looks like we get a lot of generator parts right off the bat this time around. Lots of cool clothes, helmets, facial marks, etc. Looking forward to playing around with it. :)
Any tips on how to share resources in here? Should I upload them in a image hosting site or Google Drive?

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