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  1. I managed to somewhat replicate Tales of Symphonia Skits

    Basically the premise is, after a certain event in the game, but only for a certain amount of time, skits will be available to view for some extra context, comedic relief, whatever. A text appears in the bottom left corner, prompting the player to click a button on their controller to bring up...
  2. ovate

    Face Chat System - "Tales of" skits

    PD_Facechat & PD_TweenAnimation (2017/02/05 v2.00) Creator name: Shio_inu (PixelDOG) Overview Face chat system like a "Tales of" series skits. How to use Face Chat System Creating and Preparing Files The graphics for face chat uses the following parts ・Main/ Base: (メインパーツ) Eyes for...
  3. kiyasu

    Hello from Taiwan! (A "Tales of" LMBS fan!)

    Hello, everyone!! My name is Kiyasu and I recently purchased RPG Maker VX Ace, RPG Maker MV, and RPG Maker MZ. (However, I am using only VX Ace now; the others are "just in case" purchases. I can open MV but it lags for me, and I cannot install MZ.) I am a professional illustrator and my...
  4. [MV] Is there a way to implement the Tales of's "Rune Bottle" mechanic?

    OneShot does this, but that's on XP, and it uses every item. The plugin would have to only transition into the menu when selecting the Rune Bottle item, or else everyone would be confused about fusing potions and every other item.
  5. Darkmatterhudokai

    FREE Looking For Artists For 2D Sci-Fi Action RPG Hudokai.

    Engine - RPG Maker VX Ace Synopsis - Join Nova and his crew as they explore the many planets of the 3 galaxys while trying to prevent the Evil Cult Of Kai from gaining the unimaginable power of condensed dark matter - Hudokai. Gamplay Feature . * Tales of Battle system * Tactics Space Battle *...
  6. firststef

    HELP! Need a scripter to discuss about MOG LINEAR battle plugin

    Hi guys! So i,m trying to use MOG,s LMBS plugin (https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rmv-lmbs-linear-motion-battle-system/) but i have some issues. PLEASE if you know js help me... don,t leave me alone !!! even if you just read the post until the end i,ll be very gratefull. Here is the...
  7. MRD256

    Your Favorite "Tales of" Openings & Games (animes count too)

    Hello there, I was just curious as to what your favorite opening is from the "Tales of" video game series, and which game of that series. You can also say openings from any of the animes they've done (examples: Tales of Symphonia the Animation, or Tales of Zestiria the X) As for the games...
  8. Lucidia

    RMVXA The Lucidia Chronicles (30+ hour RPG)

    Orin has strange visions and dreams about a mysterious girl. His destiny is shrouded in uncertainty, but as the visions grow stronger he realizes he possesses a gift, crucial in unlocking his true purpose.
  9. MartaLualdi

    Tales Of~ Battle Advantage

    For those who aren't familiar with the Tales Of Series, basically depending on which position you touch an enemy, you either get preemptive bonuses, or surprise attack debuffs. If you touch the enemy from behind, you get the advantage, on the other hand if the enemy touches your back they get...
  10. Hororo

    Portrait editing/recoloring (kinda complicated)

    i would like to ask for help regarding with coloring portraits, basically this is my main portrait: http://i46.servimg.c...72/junpei10.png and this is the portrait i want to be recolored: http://media.photobu...sm_Ballet_1.png the reason i want the 2nd portrait to be recolored is so that the...

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