1. Austintatious

    "Kill" enemy if they run out of HP OR TP

    I developed a dual battle system that has two possible win conditions. Of course you can use attacks to murder the enemy like normal. But I created a "conversation system" that treats TP as basically a "willingness to fight meter", so you can use "Talk" skills to reduce the enemy's "willingness...
  2. Quanee

    Moving NPC changing position upon interacting

    Hello everyone, I am having an issue with event pathing. My NPC (at the table) is tied to 2 different events, one for pathing, one for interacting with my hero. Pathing is super simple - walk right, turn down, walk rleft, turn down. Now for the buggy part. I can talk to the NPC freely, he...
  3. purplekirby54

    Talking command (But in battle?)

    Hello, all! I've got an interesting idea for my game that I've been developing over the course of like 4 years. Whenever my buddies and I do RPG nights, we have a choice - use our characters skills to beat the **** out of each other, or talk your way out of conflict. Either way, you get EXP...
  4. Gallia

    Your favorite animal.

    Hello Everyone, Here i am again with another thread. Today's topic is "Your favorite animal". But... before posting, there is a small rule, you have to specify what breed of animal. So don't say "Dog, Cat, Bird, etc", You are allowed to give multiple answers. Ok now i'm going to give my...
  5. Isabella Ava

    Team or Single Person?

    Hello, it's kinda boring to make a game by yourself, alone. But i couldn't find someone fit me to make a game together. I guess the only chance to find perfect team for me that after i become a famous game developer but not now, a developer without any released game yet. So what about you? Do...
  6. Rhino

    Talking Character Busts!

    Hello! I’d like to request a plugin to make talking character busts possible! The basic role of this plugin is to show a looping animation for as long as text characters are being drawn in the message window. There’s no ‘vanilla’ way to do this with eventing. I think talking busts would be an...
  7. Bitschi

    Question about using items and having a party member comment on the item

    ( Eeek, sorry if the answer to this turns out being something simple! ) I've been looking around google and the forums to see if I could find my answer, but I haven't found anything quite like what I wanted to do. First, how can you select an item in your inventory and have a pop-up come up...
  8. AllyJamy

    NPC Schedule help

    Hi, so I'm trying to get a NPC schedule working for my game. I'm using the scripts: Harvest Moon style Variable Based Calendar and Weather System By Selchar and Remember event position by Shaz I have the NPC perform a schedule depending on what time of day it is. In this case, a 7PM the NPC...
  9. AdamGrayson

    Talking To Party In Camp

    So, here's my confusion, and hopefully I'm posting this in the correct place. I'm making a series of games and I finally figure out a camp system. Great. But, now the issue is setting up conversations you can have with your party. I don't want to just put multiple pages on the event because I've...
  10. Cerevire

    NPC Interaction

    I'm trying to run a quest type of thing for an npc.  Basically you walk up to the npc, they tell you to go run tasks.  once you complete those tasks youll be given a key item that should activate a different set of text and dialog for that npc but my question is how do I stop the player...
  11. Party Member Facing Player

    Hello, I'm new to RPG maker and wanted to know if there was a way to make your party member, that are following behind you, face toward you when they are talking. To further elaborate, I have a event trigger and the main player character talks, and then I want the character following the...
  12. Talking animation?

    I was wondering if there was a way to make a character's face sprite move as they talk like undertale?
  13. Party Dialogue?

    Hello, I'm still new to RPG Maker XV Ace (started months ago) and I am having a  bit of a problem trying to get something to work.  What I'm looking for is a way to have the party talking to each other while on the map, like the system in the Dragon Age Series. A example would be: Actor 1...
  14. dahilig007

    Parallel Process (Talking NPC)

    I was working in a particular project when suddenly.. I thought of an idea About NPCs talking to each other. Well normally we use "Stepping Animation" to make them look like talking. So I was wondering of putting the "Stepping Animation" to both NPCs in Parallel Process so the player can...
  15. Character voices

    Hi, first of all a quick thank you to all members and moderators :) You guys have shown this forum much support. Thumbs up!!! Okay, so I just want to ask if when I am showing text (For example when my actor is speaking) is it possible to import a sound effect to be integrated while he si...
  16. tpasmall

    Tpasmall's Editorium

    Ok, so basically I dabble in the editing arts. I've got some stuff some people might find useful so I'll put it all here! You must credit the original authors if you want to use them, I'm not worried about credit for stuff that's only been edited. Most of these resources are for my game, The...

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