tall character

  1. KoalaFrenzy

    Star tile clipping with tall sprites

    What's the best/cleanest/easiest way to fix this? I need the tabletop over the clerk and under my actor's head.
  2. tale

    LPC Characters, Portraits, and Facesets (reformat)

    I reformatted LPC Character sprites, portraits, and facesets for RPG Maker VX Ace and MV. LPC Characters are based on portrait graphics by ZeNeRIA29. However sprites may look inconsistent. Download includes 3 character sheets (png) | Dimensions: 576x384 [48x48] 10 facesets for VX Ace and MV, 19...
  3. K2loid

    Crossy's MV Thunderdome

    Who waaaaants resources! Reap the rewards of my madness. 7/31/2020 update: Completed my custom sprites, finished all 24 Actor faces, & finished editing Warm Sugar Gradients eyes to polish the file off. I've cut DS sprites; they'll return in another pack at later date. Terms of use: -Credit...
  4. mlogan

    Tall Character Collection

    In light of some recent request threads, I thought it might be a good idea to start a collection of tall character sprites/clothing in one place, instead of having it in multiple request threads. How I hope this will work is that members can put their contributions in this thread and I will...

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