tall sprites

  1. Black Pagan

    What do you call Player Character Sprites such as these ?

    Does anyone know where i can find more Character Sprites such as these (Paid or Free Resources), Excluding the Default ones that i get along with RPG Maker MV. These seem much bigger than your typical sprites that you make in your Character Generator.
  2. Tea's Jams

    Tall Male and Female Sprite Templates (Elven)

    I took WTR's sprites which I liked the looks of and modified them a little, fixed a few alignment/perspective issues, added elven ears and made a male version. WTR allows modification/redistribution, commercial use, credit if you want. My terms of use are: Free for commercial and non-commercial...
  3. Anyone

    [TAB] The Tall Adult Body Generator Project (V0.9 Beta released)

    This project is no longer in active development. I have uploaded the latest build down below. This does not feature anything new, it is merely done so people having issues with not being able to get Schlangan's older generator can find and download a working build now. The Fat Merchant DLC is...
  4. Levolpehh

    Volpi's Variety Sprite Edits

    To start off I have a few edits I'd like to post to add some variety to your world. Tired of seeing the same 8 NPC's everywhere? Aren't we all! I've taken the liberty to recolor a few of @Tonbi 's beautifully edited RTP tall sprites using in game palettes used by other NPC's. Many of the NPC's I...
  5. SleepyMachine

    Tall Sprites with more emotions/animations

    Yo yo yo~ So, my first ever attempt at spriting led me to (attempting at) making taller versions of whtdragon's base sprites emotions and animations (Found Here), using hiddenone's tall sprite base (Which you can get Here) So with permission, I'm sharing them. ~-~-~-~-~-~ You MUST follow...
  6. anonamix

    Need help making an event that will allow my tall sprites to appear over my parallax overlays..

    Hi. I have created tall sprites and parallax overlay layers for my project. I would like to make an event (to place under my overlay layer object) so that when walked upon it forces my actor to appear above the overlay. So that when my actor is behind the overlay parallax (and the event is not...
  7. Lynvia

    Lynvia's Graphics Stop - Tall Sprite and Dragon Generator Parts etc

    Terms of Use & Credit Credit: Lynvia and Kadokawa as much of this is edits of RTP, also HiddenOne for the tall sprites Non-Commercial: free Commercial: free, I'd like a free copy of your game! Repost: No, but you can put a link to this topic. Edits: allowed, but PM me. I'd like to include other...
  8. Standing below overlay with a tall sprite

    Hi, I'm using a tall sprite from one of the High Fantasy resource packs and I've created a parallax map with an overlay using Yami's overlay mapping script. My character appears behind the overlay as he should when standing behind it, but when he moves in front of / below the overlayed section...

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