1. Taller sprites, more animation frames?

    So I'm a beginner with RM and when I try to look things up it seems most posts/answers tend to be geared for people who already know how pretty much everything works, and have been working with it for a long time; a lot of answers for things like plug-ins are like "turn this on and change the...
  2. Xyonel

    Taller battler generator(or graphic itself)

    Hi! 1. I'm looking for taller battler sprites(not in-game sprites, only battle) of course if we could work together to create a generator would be nice ( I can help with graphic) 2. I do not have sprite characters ready, so it's a work that need to be made throughout the way. 3. the style...
  3. Avery

    Stand tall - A list for tall MV Sprites

    I did not want to hijack @mlogan s thread, so I made a new one, I am sorry if that causes any inconvenience, but I got several people asking where to get tall MV sprites and I felt there was a need for a list that is as complete as possible. I only state if commercial use is generally okay, for...
  4. Tonbi

    Tonbi's MV material factory

    Ohayo! Konnichiwa! Konbanwa! Provides tall size characters and interiors, Autotile templates...etcetera. 日本語のページは【画像素材】公式キャラ改変-三頭身キャラ です。 Credits & Terms of Usage! Free for commercial and non-commercial use. You must have legally owned an 'RPG Maker MV' license. You must not distribute this...
  5. FrozenNorseman

    FrozenNorseman's MV Gear

    Hello honourable board members. I am slowly (but steadily) in the process of creating some MV assets for use with the taller sprites. At the moment I have thrown my love and devotion at hiddenone's Hine sprites, so if and when new stuff appears here, it will probably be related to those...
  6. FrozenNorseman

    [MV] Clothes for Tall sprites?

    Hi boards So, my google-fu is failing me, because I cannot for the life of me find a nice and varied collection of clothes for the tall sprites. What I can find, is some stuff about stretching and pictures of things that have nothing to do with MV in the first place. That's why I turn to you...
  7. matthias1

    Tall character creator (non-Chibi), 1920's fashion

    Hi everyone! I'm relatively new here, and still new to RPG Maker MV. But when I was younger, I was quite proficient with RPG Maker 2003. Semi-unrelated note: I decided to start making a new game and got MV recently. I have no title for it , and only a basic story premise. But one of the main...
  8. SleepyMachine

    Tall Sprites with more emotions/animations

    Yo yo yo~ So, my first ever attempt at spriting led me to (attempting at) making taller versions of whtdragon's base sprites emotions and animations (Found Here), using hiddenone's tall sprite base (Which you can get Here) So with permission, I'm sharing them. ~-~-~-~-~-~ You MUST follow...
  9. Johan86

    More Doors for MV!

    Hi all! I recolored some of Indrah's tall doors for my game and I wanted to share! Here is a link to Indrah's resources: Indrah's Tile Closet: MV Edition! https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/indrahs-mv-tiles.46838/ ...and here are the doors: I hope you find them useful!
  10. Rhino

    Tall Sprite

    I wanted some Tall Sprites that weren't Mack style, so just decided to make some myself. They're free to use, and you don't really need to credit me, just let me know if you end up using them in a game so I can admire my work :wink: I've got plans to make these with wings/flying so I'll post...
  11. Aryeh

    MV sv tall template

    Hi, my first post ever, so I hope everything is right and you like it. I wanted a bit taller sv battle sprites, so I made this: Credit: The artist who created the original sv sprites of RPG Maker MV. (I just made them a bit taller) Terms of Use: Free to use for...
  12. Redacted1312

    Tall, Stylistic Naked Character Base

    Been working on this one for a couple of weeks. A new tall, stylistic, naked paper doll for you to try out for your game. Somewhat compatible with RTP hair pieces if you adjust the side view so the ear holes line up. I might release some clothes when I make them, feel free to post yours in the...
  13. Excelsior

    Tall Doors

    For those who've used VX Ace, there were these doors that were two tiles tall. These were very helpful when you had large doorways into rooms because well, it looked natural! Sadly, in MV, those seem to have vanished. If my photoshop/editing skills weren't less than mediocre I'd make one...
  14. Agustin

    Mack Style (Tall) Character Sprites (WIP)

    Hey everyone! Recently, I got the RPG Maker MV trial, and I found that there are no tall sprite bases. For awhile, I thought I'd just stick to the chibi sprites, but I wasn't as good at editing them as I had hoped... So, I decided to make my own sprites. Note that I am nowhere near professional...
  15. Wirtle

    Tall character sprites and epic battle system

    Hi there everyone, I haven't been on the forums in quite a while and have been away from RPG Maker VX Ace even longer. I have recently gotten back into it and am kind of stuck. I really want to make a some-what realistic game with tall character sprites that have motion when they move and a...
  16. Tegan

    New to this! Thoughts on thin and tall sprites?

    Hey guys! Check out these sprites I made :D This was literally my first time doing pixel art, so I'd like to hear what ya'll think. I personally think the one-tile-high default sprites in ace look squashed, so I wanted to try my hand at making something unique. Also attached are some...
  17. Eri_chan

    Slashed-Mouth Woman Sprites

    I need a 2 tall spritesets of the slashed-mouth woman (Kushisake-onna) from the Japanese legends. I'd like 2 because I need one with her mask and without, please.  This is basically what she looks like: I'd like her in a brown trench coat like this, please: If you need more info, don't be...
  18. Eri_chan

    Custom Spriteset Request

    I need an XP spriteset of my character, this girl. I would like them to be tall, if possible. I just need the 4-way walking sprites, like this. Thanks! 
  19. Eri_chan

    XP Sprite Request

    Hi! :) I need an XP spriteset of my character, this girl:  I just need some tall sprites of this girl, that's it. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have. Sorry if I did something wrong, I tried to follow the guidelines as best as I could and this is my first post.  :headshake...

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