taller characters

  1. Synchromystic

    Taller Sprite Plugin - English translation?

    So I recently bought this plugin that automatically makes your character sprites appear taller on the map screen: TN_SpriteExtender plugin I heard about it from Sigma Succour's youtube videos, if any of you didn't know about this already I'm sure this will have you pretty excited... Its in...
  2. Dan; a badger king

    Tall Mack/MV Character Templates UPDATE 4/3/2023

    Tall Mack/MV Character Templates I made these for my own use but thought someone else might be interested as well. These are tall character templates based on the Looseleaf/Mack character generator from the Vx/VxAce days. If you have an idea on how to improve them, let me know! Terms of Use...
  3. Star passability setting not working

    Hey guys I'm using the High Fantasy Pack, and already made a few tilesets. At first, none of the passability worked, but I fixed it by adding a star to the upper-left most tile of the B part. Unfortunately, some passability settings are still not working, most notably the star ones. As you...

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Made some simple samples with the Time Reversal Mechanic. It would be interesting to make a bigger puzzle where you could dynamically choose which elements are affected by the time reverse. But if there's much more than move routes and waits, it's starts to get too annoying for my brain :D Like even that exploding bomb was such a bother.
Question: How do you sort your tilesets? Do you prefer to have "A2" or "B" or "A4" at the front of the name or what the map is about and then what it is?
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