1. Eatos

    Problem with Tankentai (graphic_file_index)

    I 've just installed Tankentai v.100 Battle System following this tutorial but whenever I'm about to start a battle this warning appears: Here is the script. I'm not good at scripting at all, so can anyone help me? Thanks!
  2. richter_h

    Tankentai Add-on: Screen Effects - Focus Attack Visibility

    Screen Effects - Focus Attack Visibility by richter_h (a.k.a. Richter II) Introduction You know, it'll be a more dramatic when a certain spellcaster casts Chaos Meteor that showing rain of chaos in enemy's area WITHOUT showing the rest of party member (who just stand still and watch the world...
  3. Dariom

    Tankentai Script Error pls help

    Hello, and good day to you. I am working on a game project i call "Etérna". I am really happy with what i've come up with so far in the game and i think it will be pretty neat. However, i noticed the "tankentai" script and fell in love with it, and i then wanted to add it to my own game. I...
  4. quikemon

    A little help with Enu's battle system

    So I've installed the Enu battle system in my Rpg Maker Vx Ace. Everything is working fine but theres something I can't change. In this engine/script when your party haves multiple characters they seem to follow you and I really don't like that. Is there anyway I can change that? Please help...
  5. ディーノス

    [RMVXA]Tankentai Kaduki Support

    I'm back XD i'm here to give you tankentai with kaduki version and i add some skill... here's the Screenshot download link Credits : Deenos - Made Kaduki Version Usui.moo.jp - for the sprites tomy - for the tankentai krayz - for semi translate
  6. Jeneeus Guruman

    One Press Battle System Plugin for Tankentai Sideview

    UPDATES: Now version 1.1. Multiple bugs fixed, especially in battle menu. Compatible with KGC_OverDrive. Compatible with ziifee's spin command (need to remove my SP addon). Compatible with SBS with Kaduki and ATB.

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