target core

  1. Danitinkis

    RMMV Custom Target Scope help

    Hi! I'm using Yanfly's Target Core plugin, and I need to make a custom target scope for skill. This skill can only target alive allies who have equipped a weapon from a group of specific weapon types (sword, axes, spears...). Can you help me accomplish this effect?
  2. Oscar92player

    [YEP][Issues] Animation delay / Target Core and Selection Control

    Before anyone asks about reporting this to Yanfly, I've reported this issues in May on his ******* page. Since we don't have new updates since April (and I don't know if we are going to have more in the near future), I'm going to post this issues here and look if anyone has an idea on how to fix...
  3. yanfly target core javascript Question

    I'm stuck in the middle of making a game. Can you create a skill that only attacks enemies that are above a certain state? It seemed possible with <Custom Target Eval> This JavaScript statement is too difficult for me. I need help.
  4. HatJump

    Yanfly Target Core/Row Formation help.

    Hi all, I'm trying to make a skill which hits all enemies on the nearest enemy row <Target: Front Enemy Row> for an initial amount of damage a.atk * 4 - b.def * 2 , but which then hits the next nearest row for somewhat less damage (a.atk * 4 - b.def * 2) /2 . Does anyone know how I would go...
  5. Alexandre_Belmonte

    YEP Row Formation + Target Core + Selection Control question

    Hello everyone! I'm trying to solve this problem for days so any help would be greatly appreciated! I want my game to have 2 rows. The back row should not be target by melee skills before the enemies of the front row are defeated. In the Enemy A, I put in the notes...
  6. [YEP] Target Core : An error ?

    Hello. I would like to send this post to Yanfly himself, but his report bug post is locked, and I can't start a conversation with him, then... I hope he will see this. I'll try to make a plugin, and to adapt it to its plugin YEP_TargetCore, but I've read this ...
  7. omega9380

    Yanfly Target Core/Selection Control problem

    Having a minor issue with getting my targets right.  I'm using the Undead ability that Yanfly covered in his Tips and Tricks.  What he covered is working fine, any enemy with the Undead state now takes damage when hit with a healing spell.  Here's where I'm having an issue.  I want to do a Final...

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