target rate

  1. Risciaven

    Is there any way to increase a parameter past 1000%?

    Good evening! So, some context. In my RPG, I decided to change the "guard" skill. Normally, iirc, it does something that lowers incoming damage, but I wanted to change it as to become something like a taunt: a skill that, upon use, would draw all incoming attacks towards the user. That way, the...
  2. Target rate question

    I have a couple of states that make the actor have 0% target rate but they are still hit by 'scope: all' attacks, is there a way to prevent this? I can make them take no damage obviousy but that still makes the message '0' appear so what I want to make is something that excludes target rate 0%...
  3. TheDarkShenzi

    Target Rate based on Party Order

    Hi everyone. I'm just starting out in RPGMaker MV and I'm getting a pretty good feel of it, but I'm a bit stuck regarding target rates. Basically in my game there are 4 active characters in a battle. I want the party leader (Slot 1) to have a higher Target Rate than Slot 2. Then Slot 2 have...
  4. Blair Pendragon

    TGR TarGet Rate trait Formula

    Long time ago, I had found a thread here that explained how the TarGet Rate trait formula worked. I tried searching both here, and on google, but instead all I got was, "How do i make someone get hit?" rather than a full explanation of the formula. On Steam, the closest one was Which was a...

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