1. RMMZ Targeting Question

    I’m using Visustella plugins for MZ. I was wondering if there was any way to create skills that target only one line of enemies.
  2. Desperado

    Is it Possible to make Skill Scope Target Units with a Certain State?

    Hey All, Looking for a way to alter the scope of a skill to check for enemies/actors with a certain state? I've gotten really close to what I want, but I need a way to check for this before the skill occurs. Through web searching I found a way to do it after the skill has been executed through...
  3. Desperado

    Target Last Actor

    Ok, I made a post on Friday but I think I muddied the water too much with trying to explain my situation. I think I can jury rig myself a solution if someone can help me with this. How can I make an enemy use a skill 1 on actor A in round X and (if successful) then guarantee that he attacks the...
  4. DoubleX_RMMZ_Targeting_Hotkeys

    Purpose Lets you set some custom hotkeys to select some skill/item targets Video Games using this plugin None so far Download Link Demo Link
  5. DoubleX RMMZ Targeting AI

    Purpose Lets you control some skills/items target selection AI behaviors by notetags Introduction * 1. The default RMMZ only lets you control the targeting AI by tgr, which * is probabilistic rather than deterministic * 2. This plugin lets you use some notetags on actors, classes...
  6. Skill that can only affects characters with certain state

    Hey all, This is my first time posting in the forums so be sure to move this if it's in the wrong place. Still collecting my bearings. Basically, I want to make a skill that instantly kills all enemies that have a specific state. One example in a game I can point to is Persona 4: there's a...
  7. Need help creating a skill that spreads poison from one enemy to all others (RPG MAKER MV)

    Hey RPG makers, thanks for reading this thread! I'm still quite new to RPGMaker and have been experimenting with using Javascript in combination with Yanfly plugins to create various skill effects, to various levels of succes haha. (RPG Maker MV) Right now Im trying to create a skill called gut...
  8. thecursedcometh

    Sequential Animations?

    Is there a way to make animations play in sequence one after the other for multi target abilities? Like this video from Persona 5, timestamp at 1:08 to demonstrate what I mean. Video here Notice how the animation hits one actor, then plays on the second about a half second later? That's what...
  9. Thordon123

    Show enemy targets

    Hey there, I'm working on a battle system for MV and one feature I really want to include is a display of the enemy's intended target before the enemy acts, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet. I'd like the portraits of the intended victims to display over the heads of the enemies...
  10. Oscar92player

    Disable camera targeting the player?

    Hello, everyone! I'm having a big problem with RPG Maker MV today. I was trying to make a cutscene where there are a lot of camera movements through the dialog, and some battles in the middle of it. When the battle starts, the camera is usually far away from the original position of the Player...
  11. Targeting a specific Ally

    Hi Everyone, I am using Yanfly Scripts and i would like one of my skill to target only a specific ally. I know that i have to use the formula <Custom Target Eval> in notetag, but then i am terrible with Javascript and i realy don't know what can come next. I just want this ability to work...
  12. LeTBS find range between caster and target

    Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong area. I am new to using forums. So what I am trying to do it make a skill for a ranged attack. The scope will be up to 6 spaces in a circle. Once a target is selected I want the distance between actor and target to be saved as a variable. Then my damage...
  13. tale

    Touch Target Select (touch compatibility)

    MPP_TouchTargetSelect - 2020/03/08 (ver. 1.9) Creator name: Mokusei Penguin Overview Select characters by touch in battle target selection. Features - Character/ enemy selection with touch control - Parameter for cursor position adjustment - Control the speed for rotation/ animation width -...
  14. BlueMage

    Get skill's target and user name?

    Hi guys. What is the script snippet to get target's name & user's name, assume that i will run it from a Common Event which has been assigned for skillX
  15. _Shadow_

    How to set a pixie filter and blend it with the screen using a plugin?

    So, to start simple, I want to make a plugin that targets the whole game screen and blends a pixie filter with it. Pixie filter code can be found here: FYR: http://pixijs.io/pixi-filters/tools/demo/ Please show me how things glue together, so I can build upon it. :)
  16. Vis_Mage

    Skill that Targets Random Ally

    Hey :) I'm running into a bit of trouble creating a skill. I am hoping to make a healing skill that heals a random (not dead) ally. Is there an easy way of doing this that I'm missing?
  17. OnePunchMan

    Free enemy selection

    Hey! Is there a way to select multiple target at once ? For example : a skill that will be repeated 2 times, you could select an enemy, then a second one or even the same one (then it will be targeted twice). Thank you!
  18. orphen89

    Yanfly Engine - Enemy Info Target more than 8 elements/states

    Hello, I'm referencing the following script: https://github.com/Archeia/YEARepo/blob/master/Battle/Enemy_Target_Info.rb The issue is that I'm having is that the script only displays 8 elements/states per page (see...
  19. tale

    Battler Select Cursor

    dsBattlerSelect - ver1.3.0 (2015/12/27) Creator name: Douraku Overview Display cursor for selecting battler during battle. (front-view and side-view) Features - Alternate interface for selecting a target. - You can include your own cursor for selection. -- Under folder of...
  20. _Shadow_

    Store target into variable

    So I was wondering... we can call a Common event from a Skill. Let's say we want to refer to a targeted enemy inside the common event of that skill and make a conditional branches and do stuff by probabilities and stuff. How can I set a variable to contain the targeted enemy? I know how to set...

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