1. S.Court

    Problem with Victor's target arrow script

    Hello, I'm using Victor Target Arrow's script and I'm having a trouble when I use a skill target the user itself. The next error is presented. And this is the part of the script is showing the problem (the second line is the 451 line the error is refering to) def draw_tartge_info(align)...
  2. Thordon123

    Hit Chance Buff+Attack Skill

    Hi all, I'm working on a combat system at the moment where players can choose to either dodge or attack with extra accuracy each turn. What I want, ultimately, is for the player to choose a skill ( called "Aimed Attack") that works like a normal attack, but gives a 1-turn duration 30% boost to...
  3. ArcheoFox

    Single Actor Menu Target

    I have a major compatibility problem with the plugin from Yanfly “ItemCore” and Galv's plugin named "Single Actor Menu Target". The problem is when I use an item on the map menu, an error message appears and contains these errors: I only have these two plugins that are active and Galv...
  4. Soulmagnet

    [Ace] Target Enemy Bodyparts

    Hello everyone. I open this treath to know if someone knows of some script (I was looking for) that allows attacking a specific part of the body of an enemy, I attach an image of fallout 4, which uses this mechanic. Some time ago I thought I saw a post on this topic but I could not find it, I...
  5. Exayda

    How Can I Make Allies Protect Enemies?

    Hello, I hoping this the right place to post this. I would like to know how to make States where allies protect enemies. It would be something like a substitute status that works between allies and enemies. There was a script like this for VX Ace but now I can't find anything like for MV. Any...
  6. AdamSakuru

    Target Core - Updating Target Array After Death During Random Skill

    In my game I have a skill that hits 3 random enemies. I noticed sometime after making it that if any enemy dies during the first or second hit of the skill, the now non existent enemy still has a chance of being targeted for the following hits. I'm surprised this happens as I think it defeats...
  7. KingKraken

    Yanfly Action Sequences won't jump/float target.

    So basically as the title says, I'm trying to use Yanfly's actions sequences. Functionality for everything else seems to be fine, but whenever I try to make the target jump or float, it seems to just skip over both of those. Floating/jumping the user works just fine btw. Not sure if this is...
  8. Harken_W

    Enable targeting/selection when under rage/berserk.

    I'd like a plugin that will allow me to still select my target when my character is under a rage/berserk state (Can only attack). This will allow my character(s) under the rage state to just keep attacking, without me having to select 'attack', but will allow me to choose the target of their...
  9. Blair Pendragon

    TGR TarGet Rate trait Formula

    Long time ago, I had found a thread here that explained how the TarGet Rate trait formula worked. I tried searching both here, and on google, but instead all I got was, "How do i make someone get hit?" rather than a full explanation of the formula. On Steam, the closest one was Which was a...
  10. atreyoauron

    Yep Target Core and Variables.

    Hi. I'm trying to create some sort of multicast skill, that uses multiple random targets as it's scope by using the Target Core plugin. Let's say that i have a skill called "Multi-Fire" and another one called "Double Cast", which Multi-fire is only accesible with the Skill Extender plugin...
  11. fjkv

    YEP - Selection Control Help

    Hi, I'm a beginner working on my first RPG Maker MV project and I've encountered a problem attempting to create a battle system with multiple rows. I'm trying to make a battle system with 5 rows where melee attacks target only the first row, and ranged attacks target only the back 4 rows. I'm...
  12. Rink27

    Change Action Target to opposite unit?

    How can I change an action's target to the opposite side? I have a state that can change the current action's target to a different one (It would randomly select a correct index. So if the player selected the enemy with index 1, it can randomly target the enemy with index 3). My challenge is...
  13. mugen808

    Yanfly X Selection Control randomly blocked on allies

    Hi, I’m having quite a nasty issue with YEP_X_SelectionControl : http://yanfly.moe/2016/04/22/yep-94-selection-control/ After looking a lot for a similar issue online, I am posting to ask the question: am I really the only one to who it happens ?? The problem: Most of the times the plugin...
  14. Rink27

    Chance Random Targeting - Yanfly's Buffs & State Core

    Link to Yanfly's Plugin: http://yanfly.moe/2015/12/25/yep-50-buffs-states-core/ I'm trying to create a state that confuses the victim and has a chance of randomly targeting an ally or foe. So, for example: Roy uses a Fire Spell and selects Enemy A. There is a 50% chance of avoiding the...
  15. Kes

    Target a specific actor in battle

    I would like to be able to specify that an enemy should always select either actor 2 or actor 3 to attack, assuming that actor is alive. Can this be done with a script call? A cunning addition to all the enemy's damage formulas? Maybe a genius level bit of eventing on the troop page? Or...
  16. Yurii

    Current Skill used in Battle and target (Solved)

    SOLVED I want to add random text to the message of a skill. E.g., “(User Name) hits" + Target.name + " in the chest"/ "the left leg"/ "the right arm"/ etc. 1) Could you please advise how to define the skill currently used in a battle? 2) Secondly, how to find out the name of the target...
  17. Casting on a transformed SV enemy = black box?

    Hi!  Would very much appreciate some help with yanfly state transformations. I've followed Yanflys tips and tricks video on enemy transformations using YEP_battlecore and YEP_buffsandstates and have run into this problem.  Created a new project and put only the following updated plugins in...
  18. fusegu

    More Yanfly Row Formation JS help

    Messing around with the Yanfly Row Formation and I'm trying to see if I'm missing something or if there is some custom code I'm missing OR SOMETHING. I'm trying to simulate ranges.  I put number of rows to be 5. SO <-(-5)--(-4)--(-3)--(-2)--(-1)--(1)--(2)--(3)--(4)--(5)--> I want...
  19. fusegu

    More Yanfly Row Formation JS help

    Messing around with the Yanfly Row Formation and I'm trying to see if I'm missing something or if there is some custom code I'm missing OR SOMETHING. I'm trying to simulate ranges.  I put number of rows to be 5. SO <-(-5)--(-4)--(-3)--(-2)--(-1)--(1)--(2)--(3)--(4)--(5)--> I want...
  20. Help with writing custom Notetags for YEP plugins

    I'm using the YEP Core plugins, and I'm curious how I would go about using javascript to call for specific party members and targets. For instance I would like to have a skill that consumes 75% of the HP of all party members EXCEPT the user of the skill and converts the HP 'paid' into damage...

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