1. Volimance

    Selecting Targets when using Common Event in battle

    So I have a skill, Dominate, which runs a common event to check for one of two states. The states are :is predator, and is prey. They are passive states utilizing the YEP Passive States plug in. So here's my situation: See that If: #? bit? How can I make it so that this common event will...
  2. Yanfly Target Core help

    I am using yanfly's target core to enable single target skills to choose from amongst both allies and enemies.  I have made a skill that can only select targets with a specific state. During battle, I inflict this state on an enemy, and another enemy with the skill (and only that skill)...
  3. GolvaeGames

    Skill target lowest HP ally

    I'm looking for a way to make a skill only target the ally(ies) with the lowest HP Any help with this is greatly appreciated.
  4. varchild4

    Enemies can target only one of it's allies and always target the same.

    Why does my nemies can target only one of it's allies and always target the same. For example, this mage always heal or resurect the big rat at it's right. The healing competence is set to "one ally" for example. See the screenshots below.. 
  5. DoubleX RMMV Targeting Hotkeys

    Purpose Lets you set some hotkeys selecting actor/enemy target by index Games using this plugin None so far Configurations Plugin Calls Instructions You're supposed to edit this plugin js file directly Prerequisites Abilities: 1. Nothing special for most...
  6. Kevin Eontrainer

    Attack Animation coming from user to target

    Hello guys. I've been wondering if we can actually make attack animation coming from the user to the target. Like Flamethrower or other "beam" attacks for example.. The laser/fire/beam/etc came from the users position into the destination (which is the target).   Please help, that would...
  7. Quite.Toxick

    HIME's Placeholder State - TypeError issue with skill scope…. Help?

    Hello everyone, I have encountered a little problem with HIME's "Placeholder State" plugin, and I simply can't figure it out. Here's the situation:  I have a Regeneration skill, which is suposed to be stackable once.  To accomplish that, I used the mentioned plugin. I created...
  8. Rikifive

    Window Selectables - Item/Rect Size

    I'm terrible when it comes to work with default scripts and I've run into a silly trouble that apparently I can't solve. Currently I'm working on the party window that allows to select a member when using an item/skill, nothing special. The window automatically divides its height into...
  9. Changing Scope of a Skill IN game.

    Okay, so, I THINK I am posting this in the right category, there are so many of them lol Here is what I am trying to do - I am sure I will need a plug-in for it, but as my scripting skills are not on par of crafting my own plugins yet, I have turned to the community for help. Within my...
  10. Demariosphere

    Scope 1 target

    Okay, I am a newman and here is my question. Is there any script to change scope in skill or item tab to be 1 target, not 1 ally, not 1 enemy? So we can use that skill or item on 1 enemy or ally. Like Final Fantasy series, you can use potion on an enemy (to kill zombie) or cast Firaga on...
  11. Change scope and effect of skill

    I'm making a game where the goal is to have what is effectively spells. Following my design philosophy I would really like for this relatively simple functionality, and I'll use a really simple example: Say that I have a cleric. He has a spell called "Holy light". What I want is for him to be...
  12. AceTheMad

    Custom Busts React to Target Flashes on Animations

    So, I'm using Yanfly's cast animations with the Luna Engine. So, I made my custom normal attack animation a single white target flash. However, when I tested it, I found that the busts, despite my efforts, never flashed. I'm not sure, as I've never had RPG Maker XP, but I'm pretty sure that this...
  13. 610jester

    Skill formula and scope help

    Hey everyone, I was looking around and I cant seem to find anything that helps with this, so I decided to post it here since this is going to be a game mechanic in my game. Basically, I want to make an Item called Water Bottle. The water bottle can be used in battle to do both A: heal you, or...
  14. wrigty12

    TDW X Random Enemies Scope

    TDW X Random Enemies Scope - v 1.00 wrigty12   Intro - Under a skill's scope, the only choices for a random enemy are 1-4 and are always the same. This plugin allows you to have a random, dynamic number of random enemies affected. Features -  - Expand your Skill scopes by having the ability to...
  15. The Bloop Meister

    Request: Skills that Target Allies OR Enemies

    Hello, all! I’m looking for a way to make it so that my skills can be used to target either allies or enemies. I want to make it so that a healing spell which by default targets allies can also be turned on enemies, and damaging skills which by default target enemies can be turned on allies...
  16. luigiman2201

    Targeting options

    I couldn't find a topic about this, if this has been answered already, please direct me there. Thanks. Is it possible to have skills target all units, enemies AND allies?
  17. Alexander Halstead

    How do I make Skills with different effects based on target (Friend or Foe)?

    Hello! This is my first post/question. I am trying to figure out the best and most efficient way to create a set of special spell skills and basically need to know what scripts I may need to implement for it to work. I'd like to achieve the effect with as few scripts as possible, and I already...
  18. Leah Prime

    Skill that cannot target user

    Hi. I want to make an actor skill that can target any ally except the user. I checked the script list, but did not find a script that allowed me to do this. Can anyone point me to a script that would enable me to do this? Thanks
  19. Yato

    Target Any Add-On for Yanfly's Target Manager

    Target Any Add-On for Yanfly's Target Manager by Racheal Introduction This is a Add-On for Yanfly's Target Manager which allows you to set skills that can target friend OR foe. Features - Press Up/Down to switch between Ally and Enemy targeting for select skills. - Targeting defaults to...
  20. mahan

    [ACE]Skill can be used on an Ally or Enemy

    Ok I have read this before asking this question http://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/gameplay-scripts/target-manager/ what I have read about that script is it extends your scope with the following everybody - select all alive on the battle field target all foes - target all foes target...

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