1. Leah Prime

    Enemy targets an actor with a certain state

    Hi! Is there a way that I can make it so when an enemy uses a skill, it only targets enemies with a certain state applied? A LOT of enemies in my game have tells for their attacks, which apply an "invisible" state too an actor, than their attacks are supposed too target the actor with the...
  2. Necromedes

    Symphony Battle Error With Hime's Non Targetable Script

    Ok, so I am using Symphony Battle System and would like to add Hime's Non Targetable script. I set up the battle event so that when the other monsters have been killed the no target state is removed from the last monster. The script works great up to the point when the last enemy is targeted and...
  3. Helladen

    Audience Targeting

    This is a quick debate thread about how to properly target your said audience. I believe a few things that some people said aren't entirely true. Even though it is the right thing to be done in a certain circumstance, it is not always the case to do it. A few things I would like to address in...

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