1. Vis_Mage

    Irina's Collectible Card Game Plugin - Reduce Pictures Shown

    Hey, I'l hoping someone could help me with a (presumably) small tweak to Irina's Collectible Card Game plugin. I hope this is the right place for this. It is a paid plugin, but her terms state that the plugin can be edited. The plugin...
  2. Raizen

    RMMV Kamigami: The battle of gods

    Team: Author: Raizen (Mauricio Pastana) Designer: Geraldo de Rívia Artist: Kiba Additional Information: Engine: RPG Maker MV Progress: 25% Resolution: Full HD (1920 x 1080) Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android/iOS(Reduced Resolution) Languages: English, Portuguese, Japanese (likely) e Mandarin...
  3. FleshToDust

    Lootboxes vs Trading Card Games

    Lootboxes have been under scrutiny and legal battles lately as it's being considered gambling. You pay a price and get a random item. Most items are nearly worthless and only a few items in the lootbox are valuable or good items. Trading Card Games have the same model. You'd buy a booster pack...
  4. FleshToDust

    RMMV Collectible Card Game [Name Pending]

    This is a collectible card game. You'll start the game by going into the Card Shop to buy some cards to build a deck and start your journey climbing the deck building and battling ladder. How far can you go? It will take strategy to build a deck capable of defeating each opponent. You may be...
  5. RPG TCG Like Old Pokemon Game for GB

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if there already has been a game created based on TCG. Main concept is you're given cards, can unlock packs by defeating people around town, winning tournaments etc. The cards level up and not the character themselves. Is this idea a possibility in RPG maker? I am...
  6. BubbleMatrix82

    TCG Elements

    Description of the Feature: TCG elements like randomization of getting heroes (Gacha style) and increasing odds of getting rarer ones through conditional branches. Code for Implementation: I have nothing to contribute. Mockups: Randomization tick box in join party and have character number...
  7. GoodSelf

    Free TCG with RPG Maker game

    Hey folks! So the original idea for my game started as a trading card game, and I had a cool idea! What if I included a PDF of cards that you can cut out and play with along with rules for the card game. It would be bundled with the actual game in the project feedback forums. I'm just...
  8. GoodSelf

    What is your favorite Trading Card Game?

    Hey folks! I'm wondering what everyone's favorite Trading Card Game is, or if you even like this type of genre! I've played countless TCGS: Magic, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Vanguard, etc. But my favorite has to be... I like the fact that I can play it at anytime, anywhere, compared to...
  9. Shards of Eryia

    So, hello guys! After a short thinking period, and a suggestion, I've decided to make a topic for my IGMC2015 submission, Shards of Eryia. Here it is!  :) A few words about me: Hello again, everyone. Please let me tell you a few words about me as an introduction. I'm Krees9116, a 24 yo guy...

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