1. hastypixels

    Improving Load Times and "Game Feel"

    RPGMaker is a wonder; accessible as HyperCard to one as code clumsy as myself, and extensible enough to actually modify the experience. As I've been developing my own RPG - I'm about 2% done on that front, just started - one of my focuses has been to address the "sluggish" feel of the resultant...
  2. Tyrael79

    TDDP PreloadManager 1.1.1: Causes Android APK not to load.

    Hey Guys, I'm experiencing an issue with the  TDDP – PreloadManager Version 1.1.1. If I ever enable this plugin, if I try to play my game on an android device it will get stuck on the loading screen and not move. I've waited for 30 minutes and it still hadn't loaded. I've tried disabling...
  3. Galenmereth

    FluidTimestep -- Fix the game speed

    Important: if you're using MV 1.1.0 or newer, you don't need this plugin Introduction Makes the game run at normal speed (animation, movement, and anything else) regardless of framerate. By default, MV run on a 144hz monitor would run at 144fps and everything would move at 2,4 times...
  4. TDDP_BindPictureToMap disappearing image/dropping framerate bugs

    Hello guys, I started to use TDDP_BindPictureToMap for parallax mapping purposes. Everything worked fine so far, however, it's bugging out my already finished Card Game. More specificly, it makes two pictures disappear from the screen randomly. The Card Game uses pictures from id #20 to id...
  5. Galenmereth

    No Fast Forward -- For Move Routes and Show Text

    No Fast Forward   Introduction Lets you disable fast-forwarding for Move Routes and/or Show Text. By default you can hold down the OK key or your finger on the touch screen and make Move Routes and the text display in Show Text fast forward. This behavior might not be what you want in your...
  6. Galenmereth

    Manage Dashing

    Manage Dashing Introduction Lets you manage the dashing mode (or disable it altogether!) in your game with simple plugin options. Before asking for help, please read the documentation page to see if it might already be covered there. That page will be updated over time and always be the most...
  7. Galenmereth

    Bind Pictures To Map

    Introduction Lets you bind the movement of pictures to the movement of the map rather than to the camera, for what is popularly called parallax mapping. Can also be used as additional layer(s) of detail to your normal maps. You can change what “layer” a picture is drawn to, like above or below...
  8. Galenmereth

    Preload Manager

    Introduction TDDP - PreloadManager lets you preload resources on both map load (in between map transfers) and/or upon starting the game to ensure resources such as pictures, music and sound effects are preloaded and guaranteed ready to go for player interaction. Before asking for help, please...
  9. Galenmereth

    Mouse System Ex

    Introduction TDDP – MouseSystemEx lets you set and change custom mouse cursors during gameplay and event interaction; enables mouse interaction to trigger events without the player character; show icons next to the mouse, and much more. Before asking for help, please read the documentation...

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