1. AshteriskGaming

    Several Issues... [RPG Maker VX Ace]

    So, I kinda included a lot of scripts in my game all at once and I have a few major issues that I'm not sure how to solve. I have so many scripts that work fine that I'm just thankful I don't have more issues than this. 1st Issue: I have Khas's Awesome Lighting script on here, but I also have...
  2. TDS

    Stat distribution

    Instant Event Commands 1.0 by TDS Introduction This script allows you to set and change an actor stats. Features - Change character stats(Parameters). - Changing only specific stats per character. - Setting unique stat boosting caps for characters. - Setting unique stat increases...
  3. TDS

    Instant Event Commands

    Instant Event Commands 1.0 by TDS Introduction This script allows you to process event commands instantly. Which basically means that it allows you to skip an event to a specific part while running everything from the start up to it allowing to continue working on a long story or...
  4. TDS

    Script Disabler

    Script Disabler 1.1 by TDS Introduction This script allows you to disable groups of scripts without the need to delete them. Features - Disable scripts How to Use Instructions are on the script. But here is an example image of the tag name and placing Script Script Credit and...
  5. TDS

    Farm Engine

    Well, I've been getting PM'd to death about this, so I thought I should post and answer all questions here. Yes, I am still working on this, but since the debacle last time with someone trying to claim it as their own I've decided to do most of the heavy work and testing alone. No, just...
  6. Oriceles

    Battleback Stretch

    Can you make one to stretch battle transitions?
  7. Rylix

    Cutscene Skip

    I simply cannot get it to work. It's a great idea though and it may just be an incompatibility issue with the other scripts I have. An ability to choose which button to use to skip would be best. I didn't even know ctrl was an active button in RPG maker vx ACE until I saw it mentioned in your...
  8. TDS

    Sprite Reflection

    Sprite Reflection 1.4 by TDS Introduction This script creates the effect of reflection on certain map tiles. Features - Set reflection tiles based on terrain. - Set Y offset of reflection based on terrain tag on the tile notes. - Set individual Y offset for character or events. -...
  9. Archeia

    Division Heaven Resources and Stuff

    Click on the banner to go to the site! What is Division Heaven? Division Heaven is just another resource site that is exclusively made for your VXAce needs. And mostly for the VXAce game, Princess Princess. Most of the time, we just throw resources around just because. Who is in...

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