1. zeneteaRPG

    TRADE Zenetea: I am looking for a team with enthusiasm. REMUNERATE

    Hi Makers! First of all, I'm Spanish and I don't speak very well English... Sorry!:rswt I have a proposal for all of you and maybe you are interested... I am looking for a team to make the video game Zenetea: The Mirror World. An RPG that takes place in a fantasy world, full of incredible...
  2. Uzuki

    FREE Recruiting Team For DEX: Strange Residence

    Genre: Survival Horror RPG Engine: RPG Maker MV Estimated Time of Release: October 2020 --- ~~~Synopsis & Overview~~~ It's an average night for the paranormal detective, Jovon Williams; head to the Fincher Supernatural Museum and exorcize the spirits inside. But this job is different. The...
  3. helixmoonstudios

    Team Player Battle System Plugin Request/Help

    Hello This is my first time actually posting something so if this is in the wrong place I completely understand. I am unsure if what I need even possible and if it is I am unsure if it can be created using plugins or events. As its two things that I feel go hand and hand I will ask here...
  4. Blackyu


    [Hey, I made a recruitment thread a little while ago, and with the project plans changing, I'll just re-write that one and bump it instead of creating a new one. I'm waiting a little while before re-writing. Good day to you !]
  5. ts50

    Team Evil/Good?

    Hey. I've seen some banners/badges in people's signatures. They say either "Team Evil" or "Team Good". Here is one: What are they for?
  6. Mr.Chris

    Anyone want to make a game?

    I have been using RPG maker for many years and have gotten quite far on several projects only to not finish despite countless hours of work. So I am wondering if there is anyone out there who wants to team up with me and work on a game. It doesn't have to be award winning or overly complicated...
  7. MaxDracyre

    I need advice.

    Hello! I'm sorry if this question doesn't quite fit in this part of the forum, but I figured it may be the best place to get some decent advice. My question is: Would it be wise to continue making a game to the most complete point possible with just default assets and then, later down the line...
  8. Fumetsujo

    Multiplayer and MMO Server (quasi real-time)

    Hi peeps, I've worked on a way to make Rpgmaker MV work in multiplayer. This with built-in chat & seeing other players.  You are allowed to do with it whatever you want, but if it's a commercial project do mention my name "Fumetsujo" please.  Info:  Fumetsujo multiplayer/MMO Server...
  9. How to go About Working on a Team

    This is a topic that has been in my mind for a while but I wasn't able to figure out a way to express it before. I want to eventually work with a team to make games. I figure the best way to go about this would be to make some games on my own and build up a portfolio to showcase the types of...
  10. RubbyDukky

    5 Wishes (willing to pay a little)

    (note: I AM willing to pay a small amount depending on the quality of your work, but it won't be much cus I'm not rich.) Hello you very nice and willing-to-help-a-pour-soul people, I'm new here, unless you mention my 2.5 years of inactivity, and I have a pretty big dream at the moment...
  11. Disaster Nation

    Looking to make a (possible) steam game...

    Hey guys! I have just recently gotten back into rpg maker, (vx ace) and i really wanted to make an attempt at getting a game on steam. Alas, i cant do this on my own. pm me if you're interested im willing to make, horror games retro styled games pokemon styled games generic...
  12. Matt Mats

    Grain - A game which needs YOUR help

    Hi, I'm currently creating Grain, a game about a fled prisoner from the Schwarzminen. My team is nearly complete, one of the last I need are 1 or 2 more artists, because it would be too much work when my current artist would do it all alone. But first I'll give you a little introduction...
  13. Victor Hate

    Warriors of Valor

    Forgive me if this is going to be a bit random at times...but please hear me out. I am not really sure how to go about starting a "team" truth is when I started this game I never thought I would get as much support as I have gained from what I have done in the time I have been working on this...
  14. o0Danny0o

    Small team needed (XP)

    Hi everyone. I'm currently making a game called "Arune" which is a RPG and the game is being made using only RPG Maker XP pre-supplied resources but i am trying my best to make a great quality game i also have no intentions of "Ditching" this game so i wont be wasting peoples time. My goal is to...
  15. Any good ways to collaborate on a project?

    I was searching a bit around about if there were any good ways to collaborate with a partner in making a project in RPG Maker MV, but i didnt find anything. So I was wondering if there were possible for us to work on this game at the same time? Is it possible to import another project file into...
  16. RpgN00B

    Looking For A Team

    Im Looking for a Team of about 4-5 People that will be wiling to work on a game with others. I am looking for 1: A Music/ Sound FX Composer 2: Someone who can use Photoshop 3: An Artist 4: A person who can use Sprite Creating programs well. 5: and A world Designer I would also like to...
  17. Seriel

    Solo or Team?

    (Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I wasn't sure) Heyyyyy, So, while in the process of moving on to my actual project, what should I do? A solo or a team project? I've seen lots of successful games made with both methods, but i'm not sure. What are thr Pros and Cons? The risks? The rewards...
  18. Corrupted Ralph

    The Great.... The Wonderful Sony..! (Official Sony Rants Forum)

    So I called up sony because a hacker hacked into my account and deactivated my my main ps4 and set up theirs as the main... but I don't really care... it just... This woman... Tell me what you guys think below...
  19. Dagsin

    Broken (Horror Game - Looking for pixel artist and editors!)

    Hi! Dagsin here from Velocity Games. I'm posting in attempt to find people to help me out with developing my RPG Maker horror game. Inspired by games like Ib, Mad Father, and Witch's House, I want to develop "Broken" into something reminiscent of them. I would develop the project on my own, but...
  20. sonichacker

    Need help with script

    If some one can help me with this can some one tell me how to edit the script of party members on RPG Maker VX Ace i want my rpg to have 4 characters as the main quest and the 16 rest as after game quest can some one make a youtube video or detailed instructions on how to have more than 4...

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