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  1. kiyasu

    [TUTORIAL] How to activate RPG Maker for earlier browser versions and OS

    How to activate RPG Maker for earlier browser versions and OS (operating systems) Written by Kiyasu Oka (@kiyasu) in December 2020. NOTE: This tutorial is written and posted with consent from both @Archeia and @Wavelength. While this tutorial uses 32-bit Microsoft® Windows® XP and RPG...
  2. [RMVXACE] Adding Actor mid-battle problem

    hey so im having this weird problem with VX Ace, i tried out one of Yanflys scripts to increase party size which worked, however when i try to add an actor in the middle of a battle (like how i want in a game im making) the charactors name and health bar is invisable, however the actor can still...
  3. mystic0

    11 Reasons RPG Maker MV might not load from Steam

    I had been using RPG Maker MV on my desktop for years without issue. I recently got a new laptop and left on a long term trip, so I didn't get enough time to really check on compatibilities before I left. The last few days I've been trying to get RPG Maker to load from Steam. The splash page...
  4. bbcnewsround

    Need help making two games that communicate with eachother through autosave

    Hi! I've not used this forum before so I apologise in advance if I've put this in the wrong section. I'm currently working on two games that will (using Jackkel's Persistent Switches plugin), listen for changes in each other's switches and variables and act accordingly. In the prototype I've...
  5. Aurelle

    Program-Breaking Issue - DPI?

    I have scoured forums all over the internet and still can't seem to find an answer to this program-breaking issue that has been stopping me from using XP for days. My computer resolution (default) is 3200x1800. My DPI scaling (default) is at 250%. After downloading XP with no issues, it would...
  6. I really need help with events

    Okay so, I have created an event where you speak to a guard and it opens a yes or no option for ship departure orders, if you say yes and have the orders it will spawn a ship, and if you say no he will tell you to speak for the king, however the problem is if I say yes without having the key...
  7. plumbbobparadise

    Parameter issues... please help!

    Hi everyone, I'm sorta new to this board, though I'm not entirely new to RPG Maker. I've been 'toying' with it on and off since the days of 2000/2003, which might just tell you guys how 'old' I am, lol. Anyway, I picked up MV during the recent Steam sale and am still learning the ropes of the...
  8. Shefflox

    Bought a VXA pack, doesn't work

    I bought a VXA pack from steam entitled 'RPG Maker VX Ace - Shrouded Wonder Music Pack' I found the dlc folder extracted it, and put it intio my MV audio BGM folder. I put the MP3 and .ogg files in as I normally do from any audio pack. Started my game up, it shows the songs on the BGM list. But...
  9. Crashes

    I bought RPG Maker MV two days ago. When I finally opened it up, it starts up and then I keep getting "RPG Maker has stopped working." Can someone please help I really want to make a game
  10. Master_Of_RPGs

    Server For (LITE) activation 404s

    Please help! I am using VirtualBox to create a Windows 7 system specifically to use VX Ace Lite. But I get a 404 message from the server! All firewalls are disabled! Help!
  11. RPG Maker MV Character Generator

    Hello everyone, well i was wondering if there was someone out there that could help me with my little problem. My character Generator accept files perfectly but I am unable to see them used once they have been selected. All the files follow the correct number order and have a matching numbers to...
  12. Zevia

    Anyone know how to disable Skype attenuation?

    Short version of the question: If somebody knows a way to stop Skype's automatic attenuation/ducking that does not involve one of the solutions we already tried (listed below), that would be very helpful. So we tried something new with the RPGMakerTV stream yesterday, which was having people...
  13. The_Exiled_One

    How Do I Get My Game Ready For A Demo Download?

    I'm trying to set my game up for a demo download in the Early Projects section. How do I do that as far the files and setup go, and what would be the best methods to do so? What are the best websites to use that aren't full of viruses? Any and all help will be appreciated. Thank you. :D

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