1. Xev

    48x96 Sprite Sheet Template for MV

    Good Morning!  As awesome as the character creator is in MV, I really wanted larger hand-drawn sprites. So, I've made a template for myself and I thought I would share it with you all. This post will be half template, half beginner tutorial.  I am a beginner myself, and I'm not sure if it will...
  2. LuLingqi1

    Help with adding custom sprite sheet?

    MODS PLEASE DON'T YELL AT ME D: I've spent the better half of two hours trying to figure this out. *EDIT: That also means searching forever on every single RPGMaker forum, this one, and all the other ones lol. And none of the answers help or are detailed enough* I've been editting a template...
  3. TarebearGames

    Need Item Creation Template

    Good Day everyone! Tarebear here and I was wondering if anyone had a template where I can just shove my cutie little sprites for my recipes (so bowls of soup, bread) into a big big file. I see people do it all the time but every time I try to make a grid template for 48 x 48 pixels for it, it...
  4. Mikleo

    Using Templates?

    Hello, basically I found a resource by Avery, which is a naked sprite in a wheelchair... I need this sprite but I just don't plain know how to use it? Can someone please tell me how? Where do I paste this template?
  5. taarna23

    Blank MV Icons

    Hi! Today I'd like to share a set of blank MV icon backgrounds. These cover all the different colours of MV icons, however, I have made no attempt to sort them. Enjoy! Edit: Feel free to check out the tutorial that makes use of these over here!
  6. Niten Ichi Ryu

    Mastersheet Template for PV MV Character Packs

    Hi Fellow PVers!!! For those who wish to use the Mastersheets files to create their PV Characters, I have made that simple file, that you can use by importing as a layer in GIMP, that will help you find out at a quick glance what corresponds to what on the Master sheet. Simply open GIMP...
  7. Pine Towers

    Advice (or template) on SV_Battler Proportions (for MV)

    The resource I'm looking for is an advice or template for a specific type of SV_Battler for RPG Maker MV. We all known the chibi SV_Battler that is the default for RM MV: A 64x64 sprite with roughly 32 pixels for head (proportion head/body of 1:1). But even with this kind of battler being...
  8. Acolyte

    Lhuvia Sprite Template

    This is a base I created for my friend yuyubabe's game, Lhuvia Tales. :) Female: Male: TERMS: Credit: Acolyte Non-Commercial: Totally fine Commercial: Contact me Repost: I don't care, as long as proper credit is given and you're not claiming them as your own...
  9. Prodigy 1216

    Whose template is this?

    I was wondering whose template is this? I got from this forum but can't seem to remember where I got it? I am afraid I will be reposting the author's work so I will simply post my result and the template.
  10. esziaprez

    SV Battler to character

    If you want to use a character with a sv_actor style to your project, I make this template for you.   Request : Can you help me to dress this poor nude character ? By adapting Sv resources too     Use commercial or not commercial allowed but credit Esziaprez please. Don't repost
  11. BrunaCremm's template (48x96)

    Hi all! =) I'm BrunaCremm and this is my first post here. I'd like to share my template. I've been working on it since MV got out and I wanted to share more "completed" sheets, but I'm getting married and going on my honeymoon this weekend, so I decided to share it the way it is now...
  12. My template For RPG Maker MV

    Hello Everyone... I started to play the trial version of this program, and i used another program to create this templates. Not very much as I doing so far, but hey, I'll try to do my best and waiting for the full version. I notice that the material of this program are very quite large then...
  13. Agustin

    Mack Sprite Templates (More to come)

    Unfortunately, I only have side running right, now, but it still works. :D This is it: (I'm kinda new to sprites, but it looks good???? :P ) Walking Running: To-Do List: REQUEST MOARRRR... Note that these are Mack sprites, not the default chibi sprites. Also, feel free to use it in any...
  14. batch

    Fraexcel's Shop

      Hi! Hello! I've made a few sprites to be used in VX and VX Ace. Only sprites are available right now. The terms of non-commercial use are posted for each. For commercial, please contact me.   Keep in mind, some use the generator as a base. I'm treading carefully here  :|   Sprites from the...
  15. Moony

    Child Base/Template Request?

    Hello, I'm still awfully new to sprite editing, but I do have talent when it comes to art and I am very willing to learn via baby steps. My friend is working on his first game as some sort of a learning experience, him as a programmer and me as a artist/map builder. Regardless, I'm here for a...
  16. JosephSeraph

    JoSeraph's Resource Factory! <3

    Hi there guys! I'll be posting some of my resources here because it seems like a nice way to get my hands warm and going ^-^   First of all, my new charset templates!   ~Templates~   ~Heroes!~ Character Set: Faceset: Battler:   Actor02 (Pote) Charset: Faceset: Battler: MOG Actor -...
  17. gRaViJa

    RMXP rtp character template

    This sounds so dumb but, does anyone have a good rmxp rtp character template left? I used to have it but deleted a lot of my graphical stuff when i quit rmxp years ago. Now i don't have a good male rtp character template (aka nude or underwear only) left to sprite my own characters anymore. All...
  18. Jonath4nC

    Jonnaz Resources

    Description: ---------------------------------------- Welcome to Jonnaz Resources, take a look around!   :D Any critique/feedback on the sprites would be awesome!   :) thanks Also comment below on what you guys want to see :) .     TERMS and CONDITIONS:   Sprites:   For...
  19. Uzuki

    Damage Template Sprite Sheet

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a template of the behavioral damage sprite sheet for VX and Ace (And XP if someone has any). I remember seeing one years ago, but me not thinking that I would ever do pixel art, neglected to save it. So seeing as I can't go back in time and kick myself in the rump...
  20. ButtersTheNinja

    XP Height VXA Style Characters (EASY TO USE!) Updated: 04/04/14: Male AND Female Running Sprite

    RPG Maker VX Ace XP Height characters NEW: FINISHED RUNNING SPRITES (Improved eyes can be copy pasted over from the old template)     (Credit to Enterbrain for the original templates, as these are mostly edits. No credit to myself is necessary for using the templates although if given it...

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