1. cosmickitty

    Husky XP Template and others [CC by 3.0]

    Really wish there was some community thread you could post individual resources, I don't really want to make a whole thread for one template.... but I guess I can come back and add more later when I get around to uploading.   I looked for a fat XP template the other day and couldnt find one, so...
  2. Holder

    Holders Material

    Holders Material Terms of use   VX / VX Ace Characters VX / VX Ace Portraits VX / VX Ace Facesets *New* Battlebacks (More selection within the Gallery) *New* Battle Animations Ace Generator Parts Templates Cover Art Stock These are 100% unofficial cover art images...
  3. Half-Orc Sprite Template

    who created that d&d game

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Transferring over the character creation to MMO MV is going okie-ish, but slow~ Mainly image assets reformatting/reworking I have to do to work in this engine is a pain. XD At least the MMO battles works pretty well so far! Woop woop! :kaoluv:
At this point I'm sorta convinced that the joke "they mix something in the cafeteria food" may be true. Like, every single person seems to be dozing off in class right after lunch...
Saying overused tropes are bad is like saying I - IV - V - I chord progression is bad.
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