1. K2loid

    Crossy's MV Thunderdome

    This post is going to be about many very different things. Terms of use: -Credit me -Commercial or non-commercial is fine -Feel free to edit and redistribute (but again, credit) -These are for MV specifically, but If it's exclusively my work, feel free to use in any medium. -Ask before using...
  2. Koru-chan

    Koru's MV Workshop

    Used to be just an icon thread, but expanded to more resources. This thread is mostly for showing samples. There will be links to more variations of these on my rpgm blog. [/SPOILER] Custom Frame Flat Colors One-Tone Gradient Two-Tone Gradient Metallic [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER]...
  3. Parallax Panda

    What's the specific presets of each template?

    So when you create a new project you can choose from using one of several template as well as starting with an empty project. Reading the guide it only says "Template - A premade project that provides you various options to set up your game easier.", but that's not very specific (and I want...
  4. Thagrahn

    Insect Girls and Guys for MV

    Marking this one to be deleted.
  5. AlephNull

    Aleph Null's Resources (Update 7/3/16: Weapon Icons)

    Being the thread in which I post the various bits and sundries I've cobbled together so that someone can hopefully get some use out of them. TERMS OF USE You may use any resources posted here in commercial or non-commercial games, provided the appropriate parties are credited1. A copy of...
  6. jeipi

    The jeipi MV resource shack

    Hello and welcome! Since MV was released, one of the most sad consequences of having a bigger resolution is that old resources sometimes just can't make the cut... So! I'm trying to do my part on contributing free MV resources. Terms and conditions: Lets start! Naked Orc template
  7. "SV Style" MV Character Sprites + Templates

    Just tried something with the sideview sprites... RPG Maker MV Exclusive. Commercial/Non-commercial: Allowed, but credit Kadokawa and Ike. Please link back and don't repost. Templates~ RPG Maker MV Exclusive. Commercial/Non-commercial: Allowed, but credit Ike. Please link back and don't...
  8. Firgof

    Firgof's Discount Art and Sprites

    Manager's Note :D  Thank you for stopping by!  :D   This thread is a FREE repository for old or unused content from projects I've worked on in the past - none of this content has been used in a finalized game. (The "Discount" is of the 'five finger' variety, though the store appreciates...
  9. - Aërendyll -

    Resource templates

    As I've been trying to make graphical resources for RM2k3, I figured having templates for it would be a good idea. I realize there are other templates out there for this particular RPG Maker version, but I find their choice of colours rather grating and some of their rosters hard to work...
  10. Tileset Templates

    I will sue you if I find out you used this for personal non-profit work! :guffaw: This is really easy to do, the checker board is spaced for each individual tile. I personally recommend using Paint.net for Windows because it is free and very easy to navigate for a free program with a lot of...
  11. MakoTorii

    Mack-style Sprite Poses

    Hi. I know there are already some topics about this but I need some other poses in particular... 1. Character is slumped on a wall pose. 2. Character stumbling backwards and landing on butt pose. 3. Character is "on all fours" pose (on his knees and hands) I hope someone can give me these...
  12. exoticrings


    here are some templates i found
  13. Emmych

    Emmych's Radical Resources

    Oh hey guys; 'sup? I guess you're here to take a look at some of these radical resources I was talking about. Welp, there isn't really that much in here yet, but I'll hopefully be filling this bad boy up with lots of awesome stuff before long. There are some cool dudes you should credit if you...

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