1. Blair Pendragon

    Shield, Helm, & Accessory Term change

    Finally received my full copy of RPG Maker MV, and I'm trying to rebuild some of the basics I established in RPG Maker VX Ace. I changed Head to Armor, Armor to Accessory, and Accessory to Spirit. (Along with Main hand, and Off hand for weapon/shield.) But in MV, I can only change weapon, and...
  2. saronpasu

    Translate Term Plugin

    active change translate terms. first, check your browser language. in game option menu on change 'auto' or 'English' or '日本語' or 'Default'. this plugin is override of rpg_manager.js and rpg_window.js. usage TranslateTerms.js and terms/ja_JP.json terms/en_US.json copy to js/plugins. plugin...
  3. (RPG Maker XP) Changing Other Terms

    I've seen some topics on this for Ace, but not for XP. How can I change terms in RPG Maker XP that aren't under the "Words" part of the system menu(in the database), like the word "Fight" at the beginning of a battle?

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