terms of use

  1. Accatosh

    Cover Art Characters Pack: Terms of Use - RPG Maker MV

    Hello! I've bought the Cover Art Characters Pack and wanted some other emotions on the characters. I've found some on the internet, but I'm not sure if it's okay to use them or not? I have read the terms of use of RPG Maker Web but I'm still not sure, since the ones I found on the internet is...
  2. Parallax Panda

    SAKAN assets Terms of Use

    ...Where can I find it? I own SAKAN and I've some tile-sheets I've partly made with assets from the tool a long time ago that I thought I'd use. But, now when I started writing the credits for the game I can't seem to find the information of how I have to write the credits for anything that...
  3. Jaiden

    [Solved] Cogwheel Translated Script Usage Terms

    UPDATE: I was able to get in direct contact with him and he provided me with usage permission. This thread can be deleted/locked. Thanks! -- Hey all, hopefully this is the right place to request this. I have a script I found by the RPG Maker XP scripter known as "Cogwheel" or "Shou". His...
  4. Mushroom Sprites

    Someone knows who made this sprites and he's terms?
  5. Kaduki Sprites

    Ok, i know that the sprites of Kaduki now are payed, but, i have them, and i love them. I want so much to use them in my game (Non-Commercial) but i don't know if i am allowed. Please help me!
  6. Terms Of Sprites - Help me!

    Someone can help me with this characters? http://dotrpg.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-74.html#comments They are so beautiful but i don't know if it's free to use, because is in japanese.
  7. EmmaB

    MADO Window Builder Terms of Use??

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know where I can find the Terms of Use for MADO Window Builder? (I am needing to know if I am allowed to edit the content in the window builder) Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this question and thanks in advance for any responses.
  8. mlogan

    Rules Please Read - Resource Credit & Terms Template

    We've created a template to help properly add credit information and terms of use to resource topics here on the forum. I am asking that everyone please use this by posting it at the beginning of your topic. If you already have a resource topic, I strongly urge you to go back and add this to the...
  9. Help with licence agreement

    Hello everyone I am very new here so I primarily want to thank you for all the good work. I have spent a few busy days reading and testing Ace to determine if it will be my tool for my new commercial game development project. Before purchasing the product I want to make sure I will not...
  10. Penumbra

    RPG Maker 3 Music Pack terms of use?

    I bought the RPG Maker 3 Music Pack, but there doesn't seem to be a readme included (I purchased it a while ago). I assume since I bought it off the store, it's okay to use for commercial projects, but is there someone I need to credit?
  11. What are your considerations when reading/writing terms of use for resources?

    We all know that different resource makers have different terms of uses for their resources. Some are so generous to the point that they only ask of you not to plagiarize their works then saying they're plagiarizing your works. Some are so strict to the point that there are tons of...
  12. Parallax Panda

    The art of giving proper credits

    As I was sorting my list of plugins and such, I started thinking about how I would (and should) give credits to those whos stuff I am using. I have never done this before since I never released anything online so it's all new to me. You might think this is so self explanatory that there is no...
  13. Candacis

    Terms of Use for BasePack and CoverArt Characters?

    Hey, I now had finally the time to install MV and start looking through the additional resources. While the Essential Set had a very clear helpful EULA (thanks by the way), I can't find something similiar for the CoverArt Characters and the Base Resource pack. Does anyone from the official...
  14. Seraph

    Help Locating Terms of Use for the following IconSet

    Hello RPG community, I found this nifty Iconset in GrandmaDeb's convenient list of resources (thanks a bunch ^^). But unfortunately I cannot locate the terms of use the author usually states on their site (either that or Chrome's translator is messing with me). So my request is simple, could...
  15. Kes

    Help for identifying for credits and terms

    I wonder if anyone could help me clear up some ambiguity about how to credit a particular artist.  The guy's website is here:http://makapri.web.fc2.com/top.html. I had thought that the name was, therefore, makapri.  However, on the site there is mention of Soichi.  Does anyone know which it is...

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