terrax lighting

  1. kazeharuhime

    RMMV How do I make a fourth of a globe of light facing north? (currently using Terrax/Community Lighting)

    I have a situation where I'd really like to be able to have the Terrax/CL half-globe be only a fourth instead of a half. But there doesn't seem to be any way to achieve that with the plugin itself. How would I go about that? I've got an event with a note of Fire 100 #FA5C1A D3 so I'd like it to...
  2. WickBRSTM

    "Fade" command in Community Lighting plugin not working?

    Hi, hope y'all are having a good day. Today I'm trying to use the Community Lighting MV plugin, a community-driven fork of Terrax Lighting to further improve its functionality and stability. You can learn more about it here. Anyways, I'm trying to use the tint fade plugin command, which is...
  3. KitteyWolf

    RMMV Terrax Lighting system 'Turning Lights off' Issue

    Hey there- So I'm working with the Terrax Lighting system. ver 1.5.1 And I'm having an issue where for whatever reason- I can't turn a light source on and off. What I Want To Happen: When the player enters their bedroom, the lights are on. When they go to bed the lights turn off and a...
  4. LawrenceindaSky

    How to add 'Terrax Lighting' Option in YEP_Options Core?

    So, I was able to add quite a bit of options to the Options Core by Yanfly and this is the only one giving me issues. In the plugin parameters, Terrax Lighting has a option to show in the options menu to turn it off (for slower computers) which gives me the impression that I definitely can add...
  5. Finmide

    RMMV Event that interacts with terrax lighting system?

    I am trying to make a story driven game with elements of horror, and the main monster I want it to chase after you when you are in the darkness but I want it to not go into well lit spots on the maps. I am using Terrax dynamic lighting system and I am curious if anyone had an idea how to make...
  6. DedicatedGhost

    Terrax Lighting action key for on/off?

    I'm using Terrax lighting, and I figured out how I can make it look like a flashlight. Basically I wanna be able to press a key to turn it on, then press the same key to turn it off. I was experimenting with conditional branches but the problem is it only works if I have on as one button, and...
  7. Kato-A

    [Solved] Bind picture to map and terrax lighting problems

    Hello, could someone help me? Let me explain my problem: ( I used MV, 1.6.2. ) Someone have noticed that parallax always looks blurry? (MY PIXELS :kaocry:) I tried several plugins for parallax and none solved the problem except: Bind picture to map .. Look at the difference: My 2nd problem...
  8. KiraNet

    Cannot read property "addchild"of undefined

    This always comes if I turn on the TerraxLighting and I don't understand why. I used the same plug ins in another project and I never had problems with them. It pops up if I wanna start the game. Did I something wrong?
  9. Tiles that can kill you temporarily

    Okay, so without getting into too much detail, I am trying to work on a game mechanic where you have to ignite torches to be able to walk around. To do this I'm using Terrax Lighting to create an orb of light around a Torch. The Idea is, the tiles not within this orb that are dark can kill you...
  10. Abtin

    Terrax Lighting moving light source problem

    Really strange how I haven't found any other threads discussing this, but I have a really big problem regarding moving light sources using Terrax Lighting. Whenever I have an event move that has a light source on it, the light source won't smoothly follow the event. Instead, it'll "jump" from...
  11. Terrax Lighting

    So I installed the latest plugin and input the event commands in both the common events, the map, and also made the flashlight item but nothing is working. Please help.
  12. Zerothedarklord

    FREE Seeking Idea Bouncers, Story Writer and Battle Animation Crafter

    Legacy of Eathetoria (Pronounced "E-Thuh-Tor-E-Yuh") TO ANY AND ALL WHO DECIDE TO OFFER/INQUIRE, PLEASE HAVE, AND BE COMFORTABLE WITH USING DISCORD (voice never required, but highly encouraged due to screen share being convenient). MY DISCORD TAG IS Zerothedarklord#8459 POSITIONS DESIRED...
  13. Zerothedarklord

    RMMV Legacy of Eathetoria

    Legacy of Eathetoria (Pronounced "E-Thuh-Tor-E-Yuh") SECTION A: GAMEPLAY MECHANICS SECTION B: CHARACTERS - NOT a starting character - Background and character still under development, with minor bits and some framework started [/LIST] [/SPOILER] SECTION C: STORYLINE/PLOT [/LIST]...
  14. JRand

    Game Stuttering During Movement After Map Transfer [+].

    Hopefully this is the correct location for this. 1) My game seems to have some stuttering during movement. I'm using somewhat large parallax images (one map, for instance, is 2400x2880, or 50 by 60 in the map properties) instead of tiles because I wanted a custom look (and I can do graphic...
  15. yomaniac

    Trouble with the Terrax Lighting Plugin

    Hi, I am using this plugin and everything is working fine with some lights I made accept the colour. I have the right code in for the color I want to use but it is still showing a white colour, however sometimes when my followers go on it the correct colour appears on them. Any ideas on how to...
  16. yomaniac

    Trouble with the Terrax Lighting Plugin

    Hi, I am using this plugin and everything is working fine with some lights I made accept the colour. I have the right code in for the color I want to use but it is still showing a white colour, however sometimes when my followers go on it the correct colour appears on them. Any ideas on how to...
  17. BurgerMasterMan

    RPG Maker MV Lighting Issue

    Though I am usually able to trouble shoot and fix these kinds of issues on my own, I can't seem to figure out the underlying problem behind this one. I was hoping someone here could help out. I've been using the "Terrax Lighting" plugin as a major part of the visuals in my game for awhile now...
  18. The Working Man

    How to create a flashlight using terrax lighting

    Hi I am creating a survival horror in MV and I can't seem to wrap my head around making a flashlight sort of effect (a cone of light that shines in front of the player) using the terrax mapping plugin, in the help it says to use 'Flashlight on 8 12 #FFFFFF 3' I've tried pasting that code...
  19. Captain Skyfish

    The Hallway-A short atmospheric horror

    Synopsis "I've discovered a hallway leading into my bedroom. I see it when I wake up in the middle of the night, cold sweat and panic from a sense of impending threat. The room's blurry without my glasses, but by the light of the streetlamp outside my window I can see it clear enough...

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