1. Vanir

    Vanir Resources | Update: 43 Icons & variations [133 total] | NO RTP tilesets, icons

    ..................................................... Here you can find several resources among which the tileset will prevail. This thread will be updated over time. Do not hesitate to let me know your suggestions below. PD: The set of tiles I make does not use the RTP set Term of use...
  2. felipefalcon

    RMVXA Sabrina - Game

    Synopsis You are an alcoholic man who is wasting his time in front of a television before going to sleep. You hear strange sounds coming from the kitchen, and you go to investigate the source. 15 - 30 Minutes Gameplay Images Credits and Download Credits: Felipe Falcon, Hudell, Graphics...
  3. An Evil Night

    AN EVIL NIGHT   by SPM ------------------------------------------------------------------ Michael and Isaac are off for a weekend vacation trip to Pluckley, a village in the southeastern part of England, where Isaac was born. Isaac knows that the fastest way to travel requires them to...
  4. residentevil fan

    Resident evil gaiden XP (Demo 1).

    Hello everyone, today released demo 1 of the Resident Evil Gaiden XP   to try it out and give me their opinions.   I'm sorry if I have errors in English (I speak Spanish and am using translator)    ...
  5. Darkest Dreams

    DARKEST DREAMS   by SPM ------------------------------------------------------------------ Frey Smith has been experiencing terrifying nights since one week. When he goes to bed he can hear agonizing cries, strange sounds, an invisible and evil presence next to him... He bought this nice and...
  6. Tornado Samurai

    Most Frightening Game You've Ever Played...?

    Almost every individual has played video games before. All types, some types or a few types: action, fantasy, RPG, co-op, simulator... the list goes on. However, there is one game genre that many have played that has occasionally struck an unforeseen and involuntary fear within them. That game...
  7. huntersouls


    Can someone pls help me find good zombies,materials? Im need for my project be rpg kind resident evil
  8. RMVX The Slender Game

    Hello everyone , I made this new game, based on the Creepy Pasta of Slender Man. So, let's go The game: The game is an indie horror-game. As i say before, it's based on a creepy pasta called 'Slender Man'. The game doesn't have an 'Story', by the way, the Creepy Pasta says this: Japanese...

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