1. Seeking Casual/ Social Gamers to Alpha Test a Game

    Title says it all. Please drop me a message for more information! It's in the casual/ social gaming genre, if you're wondering. And it's a game that allows you to create your own "game objects" and place them in your environment. Of course, all aspects are currently in alpha test mode, which...
  2. Secondary Characters Back to Level 1

    Hello, it's been a long while since I touched RPGMaker VX Ace. A few minutes ago their HPs were displaying correctly (as level 30). I don't know what I could have possibly modified that would have caused this oIO<  If you need more screenshots I can provide; but while waiting I'll try to...
  3. Cherry

    [Your help needed!] Test bugfix for key input processing when key is continuously pressed

    Dear community, RPG Maker 2000 and 2003 always had the problem that when a key was continuously held down and you were polling the key states using "Key Input Processing", you would falsely get zero (no keys held down) every few checks, so it would look as if the user were pressing and...
  4. jjbones123

    Why does RPG Maker VX Ace not respond when I try to play test in full screen?

    So, I am operating on windows 10 and my graphics card is a NIVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti. When trying to play test the game i'm making in RPG Maker VX Ace, I attempt to make the game full screen so I can see the small details in the game better. But when I push Alt + Enter at the same time, the...
  5. RMMV shortcut for battle test in Troop tab (Database)

    Hi all, I am curious about battle test shortcut in RMMV. Previously in RMXP and RMVXA, when I pressed F12 (playtest game) in Troop tab of Database, it will start a battle test with party select window pops up first, then the actual battle test commences. However, when I try the similar...
  6. EpixRPG

    Tokyo Ghoul: Blood [Test Build]

    Features Story-telling cutscenes. Adventure Fighting Character Customization Wot?!? You really need more? Notice Story may change or tweak, so please consider Story CCG: TBA - Ghoul: You walk into the city's cafe anteiku to meet your friend Hide. The crush...
  7. Maomi

    The Legend of The Legendary Worlds

      The Legend of The Legendary Worlds The Legend of The Legendary Worlds is an action role-playing game created with RPG Maker VX ACE and along with many different community scripts created by other talented individuals. The game is currently under development and you are more than...
  8. Automated testing discussion

    Testing (the programmatic kind) is something that could potentially very much improve the quality of released scripts, help debug compatibility between them, and catch any unfortunate regressions. I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions or ideas for testing strategies that could be...
  9. slamz369

    how to enable debug/test mode?

    ive seen intructions on how to enable debug mode on a game but dont find it clear. it says to add debug or test to a shortcut of the game. but does it mean i have to put it in the parameters of the shortcut or the name (eg. gamedebug.exe)? thank you for any and all help in advance.
  10. Tyranida

    Harry Pottor House Test

    In Harry Potter, there is a house test, that decides wich house you should go to. Now I am talking about Pottemore, really, not Harry Potter (The books/movies). I want to make the same thing, just a little different. Does anybody know about a script that creates a test like this, or how to do it...
  11. KanaX

    Game Testing

    1) When is a good time to have people test my game? 2) Can I present it as an alpha since it is not near completion yet? 3) Where can I request for the testing? 4) How can I protect the game from plagiarism?
  12. shiori4me

    How to condition for testplay?

    Is there a way to test to see if you're testplaying on the field or in a battle in order to excecute different things only if in testplay, other than turning on a switch "Not Testplaying" at the beginning of the game? It's a bit long-winded to explain so I'll skip that.
  13. Tsukihime

    Battle Test Profiles

    This script allows you to create "battle test profiles" which will be used to set up your battle test rather than the default battle test UI. A battle test profile is simply a troop event page. You can specify any number of actors that will participate in the battle, use event commands to...
  14. Keegan988

    Playtest lag

    Hey guys i got this program 1-2 days and so far i am loving it :) . When i first got it i created a test to start learning about how to program works and see what problems i might encounter and how to fix it. but today i decided I am gonna scrap the test one and start the official first game so...
  15. The Dragon God

    Dragon's Animation Test Results.

     Ok, I did a little experimental test on what can be "animated" through the use of Events.  These are what I found can be "animated" in-game. 1) the use of "Others" can be "animated"  2) "switches" - players clicking on these could possibly open gates and doors. 3) "Hexgrams" - beware...
  16. Lunarea

    Game & Map Screenshots 4

    Game & Map Screenshots 4 This thread is meant for showing off screenshots or maps made for your project, and to comment on or give advice to other members. Screenshots of any Maker is welcome. In-game screenshots and maps only, please. If you're looking for feedback on your...
  17. Character is unable to move during test play

    Recently I was working on my game and I must've pressed the wrong thing whilst in the tileset tab and now when I get to the second area my character is unable to move from his current position, all he can do is rotate. I really need to fix this urgently!!
  18. Hi fellow creators!

    Hello, I have introduced myself in the introductions there, so I shall be brief. I am going to start a "demo" of what I can do, I have another project I am slowly, working on. Looking to do something new, with some people here, I would really like to put some work into a new project, a few...

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