1. Ozmahunter

    FREE Playtesters wanted for early RPG concept (Tower of Ten)

    Hi! I have been working on an RPG in my spare time for over 2 years. It's taken over 400 hours to get this far and still the game is an extremely early phase. It uses almost exclusively default assets and I've done nothing yet to spruce up the art, sound or menus. It is at this stage that I...
  2. Dutch Power Creations

    TRADE Searching for testers

    Hello everyone, Engine: RM MV My Role(s)/Position(s): Developer I am looking for game testers to play the demo of 'The Lost' that will come out end this month/start of October. I am willing to play your game as a first Impression in return and include you into the 'special thanks' section in...
  3. AbyssalDarkness

    SERVICE Tester Offer.*Closed 9/2/2018*

    -09-02-2018- Sorry for the peoples I was supposed to help but I couldn't find the time. I will reclose this offer for sometimes, I got to many things to take care off away from the screen to be reliable at this time. Once I "Fix my life" and really do have the time I might re-open, meanwhile...
  4. Sausage_Boi

    TRADE Tester/Testing for: The Passafist

    Hello! I am looking for any number of testers between 1 - unlimited. I have been working on a game for well on 2 years now, with many other projects in between, but I would like to trade some testing time before I ship my game out. I have played it too many times and I know what I am looking...
  5. Yume nikki Fangame help

    Hello my name is Michael I am 12 years old and about to be 13 I am Currently Working on a Fangame Called After based on Yume nikki i am Average on making maps, script and pixel art and would love for some people to help! I don't have money so ill be looking for people who will help free of...
  6. Allsvin

    Machine Made: Rebirth (Join a team -> Recruitment)

    INTRO Hey Everyone, My project is called Machine Made: Rebirth, it's been in development for a year and was just released as an Early Access game on Steam in July. I am offering game keys to people who would like to join our team and test this game for bugs and content. We have a growing...
  7. Nico Kaneo

    The Wolf Princess - Game Recruitment

    Hello, I am currently "hiring" for any members who would like to help me on a personal project, for my sister. I know the guidelines of this forum explicitely prohibit any submissions of personal projects, due to the team not feeling involved in how the game plays out. However, I am very...
  8. Lord Vectra

    Help needed for my Project

    http:// Screenshots/Gameplay Note: The mapping is horrible at the moment. I have to go back and edit them. I've been focusing on the database, but now I'm starting to focus on mapping because it's not good. It's not horrible, but not being horrible =/= good. I...
  9. Benja

    Looking for beta testers

    So currently I am working on a special kind of game that requires people other than me to find bugs and loopholes. I'm looking for around 3 or 4 people to beta test and help me free it of any bugs before the very soon release date. Here's the synopsis taken from the game page:  Play as...
  10. mirazi

    Free Tester for you

    Hello RPG makers !  What I give :  (I only have windows) Will test your game an give feedback plug any bug reports and anything else you want. Also depending how much you want tested or how big your game is will determine how long till i get back to you. but you can pm me or...
  11. Spindaboy

    Final Fantasy Fan Game | Assembling Dev Team

    I am currently gathering members for the Dev team I am assembling and have yet to find someone who can test/rebalance enemies. I am willing to offer to play test anyone's game and give criticism in return (if desired). We are currently a small team, but would be more than happy to have another...
  12. BigToastie

    Toasties Testing Center

    Hi All, I've been meaning to post here for a long time, I want to give back something to this forum that has helped me so much (and still helps me so much) creating my own game! I will happily test any games, give out my opinions of the game (as a gamer - not as an expert), as well as any...
  13. Spindaboy

    Final Fantasy A New Beginning | Scripters, Animators, and Beta Testers Needed |

    I am need of experienced Scripters, Beta Testers, Animators, and any other help I can get for my project right now. Specifically, anyone that is knowledgeable in creating a custom battle scene (graphically), testing/ balancing, or Yanfly & Victor scripts. The project is a fan game called...
  14. zaxwlyde

    Estheria : The InterDimensional Collapse

      Estheria : The InterDimensional Collapse will be a commercial title developed using RPG Maker MV.   Target Gameplay Hours = 80+ Target Level of Replayability = High Genre = Fantasy-RPG Combat-System = Turn-Based       Hi! We're a team known...
  15. Hikari_Jake

    BERSERK -A Fan Game Based on the Epic Dark Fantasy Manga- (Mature)

    First of all, I said "Mature" in the title because this game will have a lot of violence and frightening images. Not so much sex, if any at all, so don't worry about that. Second, this game is going to be absolutely commercial-free. So it'd be ideal if we could make the development process...
  16. Merancapeman

    Musician Looking For Opportunity

    Let's start with this, and forgive the bluntness of it: I do not want to perpetuate the idea of a starving artist that should be paid with exposure.   WITH THAT SAID....        I'm perfectly ok with working on projects for free if that has to be the case. But with this in mind, understand...
  17. AceOfAces_Mod

    Recruitment for Immortal Sins Project

    Overview of the project: Immortal Sins is an RPG game made in RPG Maker VX Ace. The game takes place in medieval times, and the story takes elements from Ancient Greek Literature Synopsis: Step into the shoes of Maria, a noble girl on a distant island who was exiled for a...
  18. rondchild

    Looking Beta Tester for Kitten Mita Chapter Luna

    Hello everyone, Kitten Mita almost complete ! Yeah, complete in chapter 1 : Moon Chapter. We wanna to open recruitment for tester, especially game breaking, grammar checker, bug hunter. What's a Kitten Mita !? The game with genre RPG, Simulation, VN like conversion. Current version have...
  19. sapiboong

    [IGMC] Beta testers needed

    As my game is nearing completion, I would like to open recruitment for testers to squash out all bugs in the game. I already have slimmmeiske2 as one of my beta tester (from this thread: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/42109-igmc-tester-service/) (thanks slimm! ^^), but I would...
  20. slimmmeiske2

    IGMC Tester Service

    Hi everyone! :)   It’s only day 3 of the madness that is known as the IGMC, but I’d like to go ahead and offer my services as a tester/bug squasher. I’ve got some time on my hand (but not enough to actually enter this time), so I’d like to help others out through this way :3   In case you’re...

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