1. OneTrueMitch

    Game grammar and spell-checking service

    Hello all!   I am opening this topic to offer some grammar and spell checking services for anyone that needs help with their projects.       What I will do: -Test-play your finished or unfinished game for as long as I need to. -Once the above is completed, I will then open the game data in my...
  2. Paladin-Cleric of Awesome

    Tester for stealth/battle and custom menu system required!

    I'm in need of some people to test my indie game month stealth/battle gameplay, and to make sure you can access the custom menu. If your interested pease PM me. I'll need to know if you require rtp or not. Follow the link n my signature to check out the game information!
  3. Lifestorm

    [Recruitment] Miasma: a Turn Based Tactics RPG (GTBS Engine)

    (Updated 4/23/14)   Rated 14+ for Political Content, Social Commentary, Mild Language, and Suspense Hi everyone! Hope everything's going well! My name is Jimmy (aka Lifestorm), and it's really nice to meet you all. I've always been a fan of Tactical RPGs like Final Fantasy Tactics and...
  4. That Bread

    Calling all Creators

    Hello its CC! I'm looking for people with Artsitical and Technical experiences. People who can illustrate visually as beautiful as a stary night high in the sky. Those who have the magic touch that gives extra awe to a game. People who will collaborate with me on current ideas, how we could...
  5. Skyfrid

    Pokemon Melody Recruitment

    Hey guys, I currently working on a new Pokemon game and I am looking for people to help!   What I'm Looking for: Pixel Artists: Pokemon Melody will reuse a lot of characters from past official games, because it is dealing with parallel futures. I need people to create tile sets, trainers...
  6. Milennin

    RPG Tester Service

    Service closed.
  7. ZephyrosMX

    Project RPG-X: I need help! So let's do this!

    Hey guys daD3ADLYMEISTER here [please call me the Meister] and I have a request to you! First off before we get into it, let me say somethings about myself. I am a big fan of videogames and I love RPG games a lot. I find they have a lot of customization, big worlds, and lots of quests! With this...
  8. 22pepperjack

    The 13th - Overall Help Request

    Hello, I've been working pretty heavily for the past few weeks on a game that I have been "working on" for the past year or so. In reality, I haven't worked on it much at all due to school, work, and family stuff. But now, having failed out of my first semester of college, and having moved out...
  9. Zodiac_Kleiss

    Recruiting for 'Brittle Faces' A Survival/Horror game

          Haiiii  Everyone!! ^ ^ For some time now me and my bro have been working on a Non-Commercial pixel horror game entitled “Brittle Faces” for RPG Maker VX Ace and we thought it would be great to recruit more help! (Progress can get a little slow when there are only two peeps working)  So...
  10. Ven

    ✦Remnants of Excalia✦

        Game Summary: Realm of Oblivion and Realm of Paradise; as the two collide, the world lived by humans is doomed to enter a paradox of darkness & light. This fusion cannot be fallen on humans and therefore the Excalia is sliced off the lives- turning each soul into stone. Those who are able...
  11. fruitlapassion

    Mirages -horror survival *recruiting*

    Salut, everybody! I'm here to ask help to those who, unlike me, actually know what they're doing when using rpg maker. I'm starting a new project, and I would like YOU to participate! Well then, let us begin! Title of the game; Mirages Genre; horror survival, puzzle. Sypnosis; You play as...
  12. dizzyinc

    Just Beneath The Skin Recruitment

    I am looking for some people to help out with my game "Just Beneath The Skin", I just posted it here the other day: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/17164-just-beneath-the-skin/ It was also posted here a while ago:  http://www.rpgmakervx.net/index.php?showtopic=58367 A demo is...
  13. Game Tester

    Hey, I've been playing Rpg games since I can remeber and plan on making my own soon since I think I have some great ideas (don't we all). But for now I'm just trying to learn the rpg makers, meet people in the fourms, and just learn what to do first. Untill then I have tons of free time on my...
  14. Xoltox

    ReMVaX :: TEAM Recruitment [RESET Update]

    ReMVaX :: TEAM Recruitment [R.E.S.E.T. Update] This game now will be focused as my main game. The project will be released in different Chapters (number not decided) and all of them will be made with the help of High Fantasy Resource Bundle. The first Chapter (currently in progress) will be...
  15. Sage

    Profit Motive Team Looking For Good Testers

    We are currently working on an openworld business adventure RPG called Profit Motive and are in real need of a few good playtesters to help us find bugs and raise the quality of the experience. Responsibilities: Specifically we are looking for someone who would be available every few months...
  16. Reynard Frost

    Bug Report Tutorial.

    Hello folks, Reynard Frost here with a helpful tutorial for those of you who wish to test games for your fellow RPG Maker community members. To begin, when looking for bugs make sure that you keep in mind what steps you took to make the bug occur. Also, try to repeat the bug 3-5 times so you...
  17. The Blade of Orpheus (Recruiting)

    hey would i be able to test i play these types of games and i can do a quite detail explanation of what i like and dont like

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