1. Ozmahunter

    FREE REQUEST Looking for Alpha Testers for an 8-Bit Casual, Auto-Battler Roguelite (working title: PIXEL PIXIE)

    Hi all, I would like to see if anyone is interested in play-testing an 8-bit, auto-battler. A run takes 20-30 mins and the entire game can be finished in 2 hours, though I imagine it will take longer if you're figuring out how everything works. This is an Alpha so while it mostly uses 8-bit...
  2. FREE REQUEST Looking for Beta-Testers (Needed) for Remainder Studios' "The Town of The Lost Witch" English ver.

    [PLEASE, MAIL darkspinesgames@gmail.com IF INTERESTED] Hi, everyone! DarkSpines Games here. So, we are about to finish the translation of the Spanish game by Remainder Studios "The Town of The Lost Witch". It isn't short. Well, you have all the information here: [by the way] Engine...
  3. johndfg

    TRADE REQUEST RPG HORROR - Looking for Game Testers (HALF DEAD)

    Currently have one person testing! Hey everyone, I'm looking for game testers to play the near completed version of my horror/puzzle game Half Dead that I hope to release in the coming months. I will be putting everyone who helps out in the credits of the game. What I need is for you to take...
  4. Dutch Power Creations

    TRADE REQUEST Searching for testers

    Hello everyone, Engine: RM MV My Role(s)/Position(s): Developer I am looking for game testers to play the demo of 'The Lost' that will come out end this month/start of October. I am willing to play your game as a first Impression in return and include you into the 'special thanks' section in...
  5. Hanif1807

    FREE REQUEST World of Oddity - In need of Composers, and Testers!

    Yes, I need some helping hands to help me developing my first RPG Game, "World of Oddity" Available positions are: o Composers In this position, you have to make BGM and ME for this game. Since this game is heavily inspired by Yume Nikki, I'd like one or more people that have ability to make...
  6. Wonderfull Darkness

    FREE REQUEST DSMF Recruting | Writers & Testers

    Writers are needed the most right now! Welcome fellow RPG Makers! DSMF stands for Deka Soru Macith Force. If you wonder more about this title, please PM me the question. To begin, these are the current team members. -The current team- (Lead) @Wonderfull Darkness...
  7. XTheRedZombieX

    Testers Needed; Ziminiar Game Demo

    I don't believe anyone have tried out my game, so I am not a 100% sure everything works xP, but I would like to read your reviews about my game. It's a bit big (Because there are a lot of things inside of it) but this is just a demo. The game is about a guy who wakes up and has to figure out...
  8. Jakoo56

    Lunar JRPG fan game, need testers and help with grammar.

    Hey there! I'm currently making a Lunar fan game and i need help with testing and grammar. Since i am a french native speaker, it is hard for me to not make misstakes/ come up with better words. I need someone that will look at the script and tell me if i made any misstakes or if i should...
  9. DogeWorm


    I need some game testers that are willing to work for free. The game hasn't been finished yet but I'll notify when it is.
  10. LecidiousSoftware

    Solar Eclipse

    Hello! I am looking for testers, and people to help me with a Project I am working on. The name of the game is Solar Eclipse and about 90% of the game is the stock resources mainly tilesets and graphics, I am however getting some music from other creators. So what I really need for this project...
  11. ♥SOURCE♥

    Save File Doctor!

    Save File Doctor aims to fix the most common problem encountered when loading a save file after adding a new script to your project. The problem is usually caused by the lack of initialization of variables used on recently added scripts. When loading an old save file, some things were already...
  12. Matchitza

    Erudacia: Recruiting!

    Erudacia Project What is The Erudacia Project? This is a project which involves 5 friends, Eric and his friends Ricky and Elicia attempting to spy on a place.They were detected and escaped instead. And then, they defeated the 2 evil god. But they got transported into the past instead.. The...
  13. mlogan

    *Scripter* Needed for IGMC game

    Again if this needs to be somewhere else, please tell me, project recruitment didn't seem appropriate based on the requirements there. I'm looking for a scripter who can help me with a few little things. I really don't think to someone experienced it will take long at all, I just don't have...
  14. chigoo

    DawnHaven [PRE ALPHA V0.0] Testers Needed!

    I am currently looking for testers, if you're interested add me on skype @ chigoox_ or leave me a message here. Game Progression Total: 22.8%  Story(Main Quest): 15%  Missions(Side quests): 0% Features: 25% Maps: 20% Database: 40% Music: 85% Lore: 8%  GAMEPLAY:  ...
  15. hyde9318

    Pirates: Testing Drive

    Hey there guys, Hyde here, needing a bit of help. Before I get to askin', let me explain the project and short story behind it so you know where you fit in on this. About a year ago (maybe a bit more), RMWeb held a contest to put together a small rpg within (I think) two weeks (if I am wrong...

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