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  1. Moosky

    RMMV Bust size and AltMenuScreen

    So I got the RPG Maker MV and I want to draw busts of the characters and put images inside the menu like 'The Forest of Drizzling Rain' which is one of my all time favourite rpg maker titles. So I need two dimensions. To add more context I got the AltMenuScreen to achieve to bigger picture to...
  2. RMMV Comics style dialogues

    Hi folks, rpg maker community. I'm looking for a plugin similar to the one in the image: (the change of format like this comic style) (Yes, the text is in Spanish, because I couldn't find another reference) Thanks in advance
  3. hikarushirou

    Crystal Eye [recruitment]

    Development Blog Game Thread Game Title: Crystal Eye This is rather plain looking eh? Seems to be missing the game title. I COULD just put it there in text, but that's boring. Would love if someone could make a logo for me. A crystal or dragon (solid color like a shadow so you don't have to...

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