text code

  1. Derex000

    Text Codes Not Working Within Script Variable

    Okay to summarise my problem I want to use text codes within the text generated by a variable script. So for example when I set Variable 1 to Script and I write the script as "She screamed,\\. he looked horrible!" I want that text code to be called so it pauses for a fraction of a second. Or in...
  2. Romanticist

    Exclude certain phrases and characters from Message Log

    Is it possible to exclude certain phrases and characters from being recorded in the message log? I have text codes like Hime's "Message Face" script, which allows the character face to change during a message. The code "\mf[character1,1]" will be recorded in the text log. But stuff like "\c[1]"...
  3. OmnislashXX

    Resizing Text in Option Screen

    Hey there dudes. I present to you a screenshot of my problem. As you can see, the text is a bit big for some of these options. The dumb question of the day then, is how would I go about fixing this? Once again, thanks in advance.
  4. Text Speeds RPG Maker MV

    hey guys I could really use some help. I’m currently playing MV and I was wondering how I can change text speed without downloading custom plugins. Thanks in advance
  5. FoxySeta

    [Solved] Using {LK:...} text code in a Show Text scene command

    I seem unable to use links in a Show Text scene command. The text between {LK:...} and {LK:E} is displayed correctly, but clicking on it does nothing. I also tried to use the very same text in a Show Message scene command, and it worked just fine.
  6. Show text

    Hello, I am Ken. I got a question when I use show text with script. $gameMessage.setFaceImage('Actor1',0) $gameMessage.setBackground(1) $gameMessage.setPositionType(1) $gameMessage.add("Show Text Script Call") How can I use text code. I mean Any way to do this? Thank you.
  7. pivoo

    Scriptlets - A Common event like library for Scripts

    Scriptlets V1.1.2 Pivoo Introduction Hello! I am Pivoo and I guess its about time to release my first plugin to the world! This is Scriptlets. It is a database of Script Calls in a similar vain of how Common Events work. it was created to be able to shrink down and organize code that sometimes...
  8. Dylanrockin

    How to Change Text Position for a Text Box

    Hello, I am currently having a difficult time finding in the RPG Maker Scripts where I am able to change the position of the text as it renders on-screen, in it's textbox. I am changing it, because I am currently going to use a special text-box catered for it, specifically. However, I'm not...
  9. Aryam777

    Can you use var in a text as pointer to another var?

    What I mean is if you can do something like this: ex. \v[ v[7] ] While Yanfly's extended messages allows to display item icons and text, it only works when you input a specific number (like \ii[7]), however I would like a message to display a previously selected item. I already know the item's...
  10. FroggyGames

    Wavy Text Plugin

    Hello. I need a plugin that adds a text code which makes text wavy here's what I mean by wavy text :   But of course I want it animated, if not that's fine. So yeah if anyone can make a plugin with wavy text, let me know.
  11. Jonforum

    How show HP/HPmax MP/MPmax text box (actorData.hp)?

    Hellos friends. after much research, I have found nothing in rpgmaker to display natively basic states in a message. An expert -it could help me find a script that will display statistics. Or maybe an expert who could use these call script. I have found nothing that allows this kind of action...
  12. sapiboong

    Display weapon parameter in item description

    Hi, I wonder if it's possible to call the weapon parameter to be displayed in the item description part by text tags?  For example: "A wooden sword. Increase attack by [the text tag for ATK parameter]" The reason I want something like this is because I am using a weapon upgrade script...

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