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  1. Aerosys

    RMMZ [solved] How to color Text Segment in a Window?

    Hey all, so I need some help from the RMMZ UI experts :P So I have a custom Window, nothing special, it just inherits from Window_Base. The Game Dev can setup a message eg. "Go to the \C[2]Dark Forest\C[0]!" What is the best approach to make the Text Segment "Dark Forest" being colored in its...
  2. DeadlyEssence01

    Yanfly's Plugins and Text Colors

    So I have a little bit of a conundrum with displaying text colors through yanfly's plugins. Specifically these two plugins: Yanfly Message Core; Yanfly Item Core First, if I designate the text color through item core, like <Text Color: 3> and I display the item name through message core's text...
  3. Hahasea

    Auto text color

    Hey guys, Seems that the EST Auto Change Color plugin is no longer available, does anyone know of something similar, or a way I might do this with common events? (The goal is to basically set certain words to always automatically be shown in a certain colour so you don't have to repeatedly...
  4. Magusalfador

    Change color text on Skill names and Skill Type names.

    Hi all!! Now, Im wondering why there is not a single plug in for this, is it not possible? I want to change the color of these two things, skill and skill type. I know there is a plug in from SRD, but besides not working for me, it only lets you change the color of the skill BASED on its...
  5. Sausage_Boi

    Change color of Text for "New Game, Continue, Quit" And removing the window skin from "Show Choices"

    Hey everybody! Hope your days are going well! I am here to request some assistance with 2 minor design details I want worked out, but I can't seem to find the root. I am looking to make the Title Screens options text a different color, because white is hardly visible on my title screen, after I...
  6. SumRndmDde

    Element Text Color (for Skills and Items)

    Element Text Color  (version 1.01) by SumRndmDde   Intro: Hurray! My first plugin!  Let me get straight into the details. What This Plugin Does: This plugin edits the text color of Skills and Items shown in the Menu outside and inside battle. The text color is based off of the Skill's or...
  7. EchoingClock

    Yanfly Victory Aftermath top color

    RPGMAKER VX ACE Hello again. I am currently working with the Yanfly Victory Aftermath found here and im wondering how to change the color of the "TOP TEXT". The reason for this change is because the system\window.png file i am using was designed around using dark text over a very light colored...
  8. Tigersong

    Color Me Impressed

    Well, folks, I have a question- big surprise. ;) This time I'd like to know how to manage text color. In other words, how do I turn the colored-text option off?

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