text editor

  1. JGreene

    Batch Text (Sequenced Dialogue)

    Introduction: This plugin allows your game to read dialogue from an external text file, as opposed to the traditional method of needing to create new show text windows over and over again. Now, there are a few limitations that I intend to find workarounds for (changing window positions and...
  2. Guanto

    Text Editor of choice?

    So I am fluent in Dreamweaver (Day gig, since macromedia), and have used Notepad++ for modding other games, but couldn't help but notice most RM video tutorials using Sublime text. Since I am familiar with a free editor and overly comfortable with a costly editor, is there any unseen (to me)...
  3. Aloe Guvner

    Player Notepad (In-Game Text Editor for the Player)

    Player Notepad (In-Game Text Editor for the Player) by Aloe Guvner Download DEMO ( 18MB ) Download Plugin Note: This plugin is not under active maintenance. Introduction This plugin creates a new scene where players may type notes using their keyboard with a fully functional text editor...
  4. SumRndmDde

    Javascript Super Message Editor - SumRndmDde

    Super Message Editor by SumRndmDde Installation Download the ZIP file. Within Visual Novel Maker ~ Tools -> Extension Manager -> Install -> Location the ZIP File and Select OK Explanation This is extension provides developers the ability to use a “wysiwyg” style text editor for creating Show...

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