text size

  1. l8rose

    Change Choice Text Size

    Is there any way to change the size of the text in the default choice boxes? I know how to create new choice boxes with common events but I'd prefer not to have to do this if I can just edit the text size as that's the only issue with my choice boxes.
  2. How to change the message text size ingame???

    How do I change the text size of the message box ingame? I'd like to be able to play the game and change the text size ingame I tried to insert a variable to the message settings / size but won't work...
  3. Kazzter

    How to make text stop shrinking

    I know the text will not fit in the box, but I'd like the text in it's normal size, regardless of the amount of letters. Could someone tell me if it is possible and how? Thanks.
  4. Coras

    Text of varying sizes?

    Is there a way to specify font size in the drawText() function, or is there a plugin or modification that could be made to allow this to occur? My GUI would look much better if I could manage the size. Thanks.
  5. Nisshoku

    Text Size Change In Menu

    So I did a search for this topic thinking someone else surely would have asked it, but found nothing. So I have come to ask, how can I change the font size in a window? I changed my game's font recently but it messed up the description box now and doesn't fit everything like it did before. I...

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