text window better help

  1. jjbones123

    Help with text box backgrounds and font please?

    I tried searching the forums to see if anyone has similar problems and while I couldn't find anything, that maybe cause i'm not entirely sure how to word my question. It's also been awhile since i've posted a question on the RPG maker forums and it seems to have changed somewhat. So please...
  2. Ravioko

    Better text windows?

    So, in RPG Maker VX, I know how to edit the color, background, border, etc. of the text window. However, I see much BETTER customization (for example, what we see in this trailer for RPG Maker VX Ace -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCZeYZBdtFw) So, how would I get things like - The name of the...

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