1. Faherya

    Text Banks - A Good Pratice

    Hello, folks. How are you? Some people here already know me, I work as a literary editor. I often receive RPG Maker projects to review and I would like to discuss with you a small problem that I find in all of them. Have any of you already submitted a project to a proofreader or translator...
  2. Test box to wait for input before going away.

    It seems by default MV does not wait for input to remove a text box, however I would prefer to wait for input. Surely there is a way to do this, but I can't seem to find an answer within the manual. Thanks.
  3. Cap_

    100% black text window

    I'm looking for a way to make the text window completely black. Every time I set all the colors to -255 the window still has background lines and it's slightly transparent.
  4. QueenTeaYT

    Is it possible to have strikethrough text in-game?

    You know, with a line through it? I can't find any /(letter) codes for it.
  5. tale

    Notification Window

    YKNR_SlideInformation - 2017/10/15 (ver.2.0.0) Creator name: Yakinori Overview Information window that displays texts by sliding from the right Note: This plugin doesn't work for MV version 1.4.X or earlier. Features - Plays a sound effect when notification window opens - Parameters to...
  6. Nightblade50

    Center text in window (Ace)

    Hi Here I have text shown displaying the chapter name. But I want this text center-aligned, not left-aligned. Is there a script for this?
  7. tale

    MKR_ChoiceWait (Delay when showing choice)

    MKR_ChoiceWait - 1.0.4 2016/11/26 Creator name: Mankind Overview Adds a delay when choice display before select cursor shows up Gives a moment for the choice to be shown instead of instantaneous selection. Note: player can start choosing a choice without delay by moving up/ down key at least...
  8. Krimer

    Screen Variables

    ScreenVariables.js ver. 1.04 by Krimer Introduction Show multiple Texts in any place you want on your game map screen. Text are permanent for all maps unless you delete\hide or change it. You can use text special characters to show values of your variables or show icons, change color, etc...
  9. tale

    MKR_LevelUpMessageEx (Status in Level Up Message)

    MKR_LevelUpMessageEx - 1.0.2 2016/10/15 Creator name: Mankind Overview Status will be displayed in a message window when level up. Features: - Message window will show actor's status has changed during level up message. - Plugin parameters to control the display of status. (ON = to show, OFF...
  10. Dreadshadow

    Text file strings to array

    Hello again community. It happens that I want a plugin to be able to do two things (same plugin can do both). 1] Take text from file and add it on Array Variable of our choice. Then call it like \v[1][2] (third entry on variable 1) 2] ... if we leave a containing method intact. Otherwise...
  11. Magusalfador

    Help with text line break on descriptions boxes.

    Hi all!! Ok, this is the thing. Im using SRD translation engine: http://sumrndm.site/translation-engine/ and the thing is, If I want to do a translation, the text MUST be on the same line, If I manually hit enter to go to another line, the text will not get translated. But, if I place the text...
  12. tale

    Opposite of \lastGet (Plugin Edit)

    I try editing "Last Get" Text plugin for an opposite counterpart, "Loss Get" About "Last Get" Text plugin- When using \lastGet in Text, it'll display icon and item name in message. Features - Shows icon and item name in text - Also include text for gold increase Example- For "Loss Get" On...
  13. tale

    "Last Get" Text, "Loss Get" Text

    Torigoya_TextLastGet - Feb 20, 2016 Creator name: Ru/むっくRu (Rutan) Overview add "last get item" to message. (\lastGet) When using \lastGet in Text, it'll display icon and item name in message. Features - Shows icon and item name in text - Also include text for gold increase Example-...
  14. BlueMage

    display Theo-NotificationWindow in Battle?

    Hi guys, i tried to modify Theo's script here: https://github.com/theoallen/RGSS3/blob/master/Notification Window (ENG).rb to display Notification Window (NW) in Battle too. I added these code at the end of script, but NW will display only once in the Battle. It won't be displayed again after...
  15. Laureste

    RMMV Maia and the Cool Kids

    Maia and The Cool Kids Synopsis Screenshots Download Link This game is important to me. I made this game reflecting upon myself from when I was in middle school and I envied the kids who were happier than me. I was very hateful and unfairly judgemental of them. Little did I know, they...
  16. Amarok

    Adding pictures to windows + calling a function when clicking on text?

    Hey there, been trying to achieve this for a while, but all the standard JS solutions i tried didnt work. Does anyone know how to achieve any of this? btw i dont mean the default text, but the one you call with the drawtext function. For reference, this is my code: Making the window in...
  17. goldenhawk

    How do I animate the faces when typing?

    How do I animate the faces when typing? You know like the mugshots in the game boy advance game called MegaMan battle network. Also is it possible to have a key that would increase the text typing speed until released and also speed up the face animation speed and have a key to make all the text...
  18. CuddleFox

    Problem with HP display and gauge size

    Hi. It's me again. Something's bothering me about VX Ace. When the text is too wide for the window in which it is located, it is overwritten on the width. In my game, characters can have more than 9999 HP, and the number becomes unreadable. I would like to know if there is a way to remove the...
  19. MichaelJ

    Erpicci Keyboard Text Input Script Help

    Hi there everyone. I recently got this script for my project (which is on VX Ace) https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/keyboard-text-input.36828/ The only problem is, despite reading the posts in the thread, I'm having a hard time understanding something. I'm wondering if any of...
  20. Teabone

    RPGMakerXP Message Text Width

    Hey all, So I've been messing about with RPGMaker's scripts and having a lot of fun with that. The ability to have more control over the display and things has been quite useuful. Recently ive discovered a way to increase the width of the standard text message box system. Also how to layer...

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