1. subengari

    RMMZ Window_Options and adding a custom command

    Aloha kakou- I am trying to add my own command to the options window. Behold my code: It runs without a hitch, alack the command "Hud Alignment" does not appear in the options window- Can somebody enlighten me as to what I have neglected? Mahalo nui in advance!
  2. TextManager Strings problem

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but im having a lot of trouble with the TextManager. So im trying to create a new command for the title screen. Which ive succeded in doing, exept for one thing: I can not figure out how to use my own strings when displaying the text for the command. for...
  3. Jonforum

    how to automatically select a command ?

    Hi guys  , when I opened the menu (with script call)  I can not seem to open with automatic item selection. I have to click on item selection. ! How to proceed to the automatic open item list thank you I started in java, here's my script SceneManager.push(Scene_Item)...

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